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Bootloader overwritten

If you've managed to overwrite the bootloader in your web platform, there's good news and possibly bad news.

Symptoms of an overwritten bootloader:

  1. ds30 Loader responds with "Found unknown device id(193) fw ver. 9.9.9"
  2. If you press the web platform tactile switch, LED1 should light and stay lit for about 3.5 seconds if the bootloader is working.

The good news is that you can re-program the bootloader into your web platform. Grab the dp-wp-bootloader.v0a.hex file from this archive.

The bad news is that you will need a hardware programmer to do this. See PIC Resources:Programmers for various programmers you can build or buy. Alternatively, post in the forum - there may be someone located near you who is willing and able to re-program it for you.

Real time clock not updating

If your real time clock is not updating, please check the Web Platform hardware errata for a possible cause and fix.

Power supply induced failures

If your shiny, new web platform appears not to be functioning, your attempts to upload new firmware timeout and/or your web platform emits a whining sound, then the issue is most likely to be the power supply you are using. There have been two reports (1, 2) of these symptoms and in each case it was caused by the power supply plug pack.

To resolve the issue, try another plug pack or two. If another plug pack is not available (eg it's the middle of the night and you want to play with your web platform now), you could try batteries. Be aware the web platform draws approximately 200mA.