Sick of Beige standard PCB sizes v1.0

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Are you sick of beige project boxes that hide your cool board and hard work? Wouldn't it be cool if your project was case ready from the first revision?

We worked with case designer David Moberly to create a case-friendly PCB footprint for our projects. We call the specification Sick of Beige v1.0. Our has footprints for each board size. Just drop the PCB symbol from our Eagle library on a schematic to get a board with nice rounded edges, properly placed mounting holes, and recommendations for connector placement.

The PCB templates come in two shapes. Golden rectangle boards range from 5cm to 10cmare aproximatly golden-ratio

Int he past Seeed Studio has sold cases for the Bus Pirate, Sick of Beige v1 is standard PCB format to Do you hate hiding your cool project and hard work inside an ugly beige project box? We searched from Akihabara to Hua Qiang Bei for a better box and found nothing. There's amazing cases on the blog every day, but it's hard to use them in a different projects. Sick of Beige v1 is a standardized PCB format to make it easier to sh

Sick of Beige is a To go along with our Sick of Beige cases we started using standard PCBs. There are two versions,each of which comes in 7 different sizes. One is a Golden Ration rectangle, while the other is a square. All the PCBs have 4 mounting holes in each corner which are not connected to any traces or fills on the PCB.

List of sizes

Sandard PCB Sizes
Golden Ratio Square
DP5031 50mm 31mm DP3030 30mm 30mm
DP6037 60mm 37mm DP4040 40mm 40mm
DP7043 70mm 43mm DP5050 50mm 50mm
DP8049 80mm 49mm DP6060 60mm 60mm
DP9056 90mm 56mm DP7070 70mm 70mm
DP10062 100mm 62mm DP8080 80mm 80mm
*DP10080 100mm 80mm

*Note: This is not a Golden ratio rectangle, but the maximum Cadsoft Eagle PCB size for users with a free license.


Hole dimensions and locations

Holes are located in the 4 corners exactly 4mm from the closest vertical, and horizontal edge. They are 3.2mm in diameter.

Cooper keep-out area

Around each hole there is a cooper keep-out area approximately 5mm from the center of the hole. In this area no traces, or ground fills are aplicable, to avoid contact with metallic standoffs,and screws.

Component placement keep-off area

No component may be placed 1.7mm from an edge of the board. this is for posible future cases that hold the PCB by the edges

Board's round corners

Each corner of the board is rounded with an arc 4mm in radius.

Reference points and lines

Runing through the exact middle, both lengthwise, and lengthwise, is a reference line. Also added are two reference point for USB mini-B jack, 5.25mm for the left and right edges.