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*[[Sick of Beige basic case v1]]
*[[Sick of Beige basic case v1]]

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SOBv1 overview2.jpg

Compatible cases start at $3 at Seeed Studio.

Are you sick of beige project boxes that hide your cool board and hard work? Wouldn't it be cool if your project was case ready from the first revision?

Sick of Beige cases are simple protectors and enclosures for hobby electronics project. Design your project with our standard PCB templates and it's ready for an enclosure.





PCB specifications

SOB standardsizes.png

Effortless case fits that work the first time. Just drop a Sick of Beige PCB template on an Eagle schematic to get an optimized board that's ready to fit a case. Grab the library for Cadsoft Eagle below, other formats coming soon.



  • Files and materials: CC-BY-SA