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| [[image:PinHeader-partlist-W480.jpg|100px]]||  01x40 0.1" (2.54mm) male right angle pin header|| '''[ GOLD]'''
| [[image:PinHeader-partlist-W480.jpg|100px]]||  01x40 0.1" (2.54mm) male right angle pin header|| '''[ GOLD]'''
| ||  Shunts to connect 0.1" pin header (pin jumpers)|| '''[ RED]'''  '''[ BLACK]'''

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Where to buy parts. BOLD parts are common, we buy them by the reel and keep them handy in a chest of drawers.

Eagle footprints are in our public domain part library.



  • Get a cheap resistor kit from eBay so you have all common values available
  • 390R, 1K, 2K, 10K, 100K are most common in our projects, we buy them by the reel
picture sizeMouserDigikeyFarnell
Resistor-partlist.jpg 0603

100R 390R 1.0K 2.0K 3.6K 10K 12K 1% 100K

Resistorarray-partlist-W480.jpg 0603 x 4 resistor array (1206 total)

82R 10K (concave) 10K (convex) 1M

Resistor-partlist.jpg 0805

1.5R 4.7R 49.9R 82R 100R 180R 390R

1.0K 1.1K 1.6K 2K 2.2K** 2.26K 2.32K 6.8K 10K

11K 12K 1% 15K 18K 20K 39K 47K** 56K 100K

300R 4.7K

Resistor-partlist.jpg 1206 6.8R
3mm-pot-resis.jpg 3mm SMD potentiometer 10K single turn
4mm-pot-resis.jpg 4mm SMD potentiometer 10K single turn
6mm-pot-resis.jpg 6mm PTH potentiometer 10K single turn
  • Rectangular passive components
    • 0402 (1005 metric) : 0.04" × 0.02" (1.0 mm × 0.5 mm) Typical power rating for resistors 1/16 watt
    • 0603 (1608 metric) : 0.063" × 0.031" (1.6 mm × 0.8 mm) Typical power rating for resistors 1/16 watt
    • 0805 (2012 metric) : 0.08" × 0.05" (2.0 mm × 1.25 mm) Typical power rating for resistors 1/10 watt
    • 1206 (3216 metric) : 0.126" × 0.063" (3.2 mm × 1.6 mm) Typical power rating for resistors 1/8 watt

Read more in the blog post


These are common properties given with capacitors:

  • Value: pF, nF, uF, F, etc. Usually taken from a schematic, partlist, or datasheet.
  • Voltage: We choose something at least double the operating voltage. If a 0.1uF cap is used on a 3.3volt power pin, we use a cap rated for at least 6.6volts.
  • Tolerance: How close to actual value. Not really important unless an audio or analog application. We don't ever worry about this for digital stuff.
  • ESR: How 'fast' is the cap. For most digital hobby stuff this is never important, maybe switch mode power supplies. If it is, the design probably says what to do.
  • 100nF is the same as 0.1uF. This common value is generally used on every power pin of a digital chip. Commonly called a decoupling capacitor.
  • 18pF, 0.1uF, 1uF (ceramic), and 10uF (tantalum) are most common in our projects, we buy them by the reel.
  • Get a cheap capacitor kit from eBay so you have a few of every value available.


  • Cheap
  • Available from pF to 100uF ranges, but pF to 10uF is most common.
  • Commonly rated for 25-50 volts.
  • Unpolarized, no +/- side.
Picture TypePackageMouserDigikey
Capacitator-partlists-W480.jpgCeramic0603 18pF 27pF

0.1uF 0.22uF 1.0uF 10uF/10V

Capacitator-partlists-W480.jpgCeramic0805 27pF 33pF** 100pF** 220pF 470pF 560pF

0.1uF 0.22uF 1.0uF

  • Rectangular passive components
    • 0603 (1608 metric) : 0.063" × 0.031" (1.6 mm × 0.8 mm)
    • 0805 (2012 metric) : 0.08" × 0.05" (2.0 mm × 1.25 mm)

Read more in the blog post


  • Faster than aluminum, larger values than ceramic, and much more expensive. Tantalum is a conflict mineral we try to avoid.
  • Watch out, these are commonly rated for only 6-16volts.
  • We prefer the 1206 sized A case/Kemet A 10uF when we need these.
  • Polarized: there is a +/- side, + is usually marked by a line etched or printed on the package.
Picture TypePackageMouserDigikeyFarnell
Tantalum-partlists-W480.jpgTantalumA case/Kemet A/1206

3.3uF 4.7uF 10uF 22uF

3.3uF 3.3uF


  • Tantalum capacitors
    • EIA 3216-18 (Kemet A, AVX A): 3.2 mm × 1.6 mm × 1.8 mm
    • EIA 3528-21 (Kemet B, AVX B): 3.5 mm × 2.8 mm × 2.1 mm
    • EIA 6032-28 (Kemet C, AVX C): 6.0 mm × 3.2 mm × 2.8 mm

Read more in the blog post


  • Larger values than ceramic, but much bigger package. Like a through-hole capacitor in an SMD holder.
  • Commonly rated for 10-35 volts.
  • Polarized: there is a +/- side, - is usually marked by a line on through hole parts. On SMD packages the carrier usually has slanted edges (cut corners) on the + side, and possibly a black mark on the - side.
Picture TypePackageMouserDigikeyFarnell
Alum-partlists-W480.jpgAluminumPanasonic B/4.0 dia

4.7uF (35V) 10uF (16V)

4.7uF (35V) 10uF (16V)

Alum-partlists-W480.jpgAluminumPanasonic D/6.3 dia

47uF (35V)

47uF (35V)

  • Aluminium capacitors
    • (Panasonic A, Chemi-Con B): 3.3 mm × 3.3 mm
    • (Panasonic B, Chemi-Con D): 4.3 mm × 4.3 mm (4.0 mm diameter)
    • (Panasonic C, Chemi-Con E): 5.3 mm × 5.3 mm (5.0 mm diameter)
    • (Panasonic D, Chemi-Con F): 6.6 mm × 6.6 mm (6.3 mm diameter)


  • SOD-323 is our standard small signal diode, we buy them by the reel
  • Schottky SOD-123 are usually used for small switch mode power supplies
Picture TypePackageMouserDigikey
Diodes-partlist-W480.jpg SiliconSOD-323 1N4148 (150mA, 75V) BAS-16J (250mA, 100V)
Diodes-partlist-W480.jpg SchottkySOD-123BAT54W (200mA, 30V)

BAT46W-V (150mA, 100V)

BAT43W (200mA/4A surge, 30V)

1N5819 (1A+, 20V)

Tantalum-partlists-W480.jpg SchottkySMA (1A/4A surge, 20V)
DO35-diodes.jpg Silicon DO35 1N4148
  • SOD: Small Outline Diode
    • SOD-523: 1.25 × 0.85 × 0.65 mm
    • SOD-323 (SC-90): 1.7 × 1.25 × 0.95 mm
    • SOD-123: 3.68 × 1.17 × 1.60 mm
  • Yes, SMA is a picture of a capacitor, but they are almost the same

NPN transistors


  • Beware, pinouts are different!
  • Most common SOT-23 pinout: BEC. We always use it.
NPN transistors
Picture PackageMouserDigikey
NPN-partlist-W480.jpg SOT-23-BEC

BC81840MTF (800mA 25V 250hFE)

BC81816MTF (800mA 25V 110hFE)

TO92-NPN-transistor.jpg TO92

800mA+ NPN transistor (BC337)

  • SOT: small-outline transistor, with three terminals
    • SOT-23 (SC-59, TO-236-3): 2.9 mm × 1.3/1.75 mm × 1.3 mm body - three terminals for a transistor
    • SOT-223: 6.7 mm × 3.7 mm × 1.8 mm body - four terminals, one of which is a large heat-transfer pad

Read more in the blog post

PNP transistors


PNP transistors
Picture PackageMouserDigikey
NPN-partlist-W480.jpg SOT-23 PBSS5220T,215 (2A 40V)

MMBT4403LT3G (600mA 40V)

BC80840 (800mA 25V)

  • SOT: small-outline transistor, with three terminals
    • SOT-23 (SC-59, TO-236-3): 2.9 mm × 1.3/1.75 mm × 1.3 mm body - three terminals for a transistor
    • SOT-223: 6.7 mm × 3.7 mm × 1.8 mm body - four terminals, one of which is a large heat-transfer pad


Picture PackageMouserDigikey
LEDs-partlists-W4802.jpg 0805 Red Yellow
LED-T1-34-partlists.jpeg T-1 3/4 (5mm) IR 25deg IR 50deg
HD-H103 7seg com. cathode w/dp

Read more in the blog post

Clock source

  • HC-49/US is always preferred. It is the cheapest ($0.40) and most standard
  • Smaller surface mount crystals start at $1+ each, and don't have standard packages
Picture PackageMouserDigikeyFarnell
HC-49UCrystals-partlist-W480.jpgHC-49/US SMD crystal 8 MHz 12 MHz 20 MHz 25 MHz
5x7mmCrystals-partlist-W480.jpg4x6mm SMD crystal12MHz 12Mhz 12Mhz
5x7mmCrystals-partlist-W480.jpg4x8mm SMD crystal25MHz
SmallCrystal-SMD-partlist-W480.jpgSMD crystal other (MM20SS) 32.768KHz
HC-49crystals-partlist-W480.jpgHC-49 PTH crystal 20MHz
SmallCrystal-PTH-partlist-W480.jpgPTH crystal other (TC26H) 32.768KHz 2.1mm
OscillatorCrystals-partlist-W480.jpg 7x5mm SMD oscillator 20Mhz (3.3volt) 50Mhz (3.3volt)

50MHz (3V3)

20MHz (3V3), 20MHz (5V)

Read more in the blog post


  • SOT-23-5 at 3.3V and 5.0V are really common in our projects
Picture PackageMouserDigikey
Regulators-partlist-W480.jpg SOT-23-5 (usually 150mA) 1.2V 1.2V

1.8V 1.8V 1.8V


3.3V 3.3V**


ADJ: 2.5V-16V

1.2V 2.5V 3.3V
Vreg2-partlist-W480.jpg SOT-223 (usually 800mA) 3.3V 5.0V
DPAK-partlist-W480.jpg TO-252-3 (DPAK) (usually 1A+) 5.0V
D2PAK-partlist-W480.jpg TO-263-3 (D2PAK/DDPAK) (usually 1.5A+) 3.3V

ADJ: 1.2-37V

Vreg-to220-partlist-W480.jpg TO-220 3.3V 5.0V
  • SOT: small-outline transistor
    • SOT-23-5 (SOT-25): 2.9 mm × 1.3/1.75 mm × 1.3 mm body - five terminals
    • SOT-223: 6.7 mm × 3.7 mm × 1.8 mm body - four terminals, one of which is a large heat-transfer pad
    • DPAK (TO-252): discrete packaging. Developed by Motorola to house higher powered devices. Comes in three- or five-terminal versions
    • D2PAK/DDPAK (TO-263) - bigger than the DPAK; basically a surface mount equivalent of the TO-220 through-hole package.

Read more in the blog post

Ferrite Bead

  • We usually just make sure the bead is rated for enough current because we only use them for power filters
  • If a special impedance is required, the part datasheet or application example will specify
  • We just recently moved to 0603
Ferrite Bead
Picture PackageMouserDigikeyFarnell
FerriteBead-partlist-W480.jpg 0603 330ohm 1.7A, 180ohms 2A, 30ohms 3A
FerriteBead-partlist-W480.jpg 0805 330ohms 1.5A 330ohm 1.5A

Read more in the blog post


Picture PackageMouserDigikey
Inductor-partlist-W480.jpg 680uH 0.12A

Buttons switches

  • DTSM-6 (6mm) is the typical surface mount size
  • 5.2mm is a smaller SMD button that is more pick and place friendly. We see it used by Seeed, SparkFun, Adafruit, etc. This is our standard button too. Also called 4.8mm in some specs
Buttons switches
Picture PackageMouserDigikeyFarnell
ButtonsSwitches6mm-partlist-W480.jpg DTSM-6 (6mm) BLACK BROWN RED

(Shaft:3.4mm) (Shaft:1.4mm) (Shaft:0.71mm)

ButtonsSwitches-partlist-W480.jpg 5.2mm SMD (or 4.8mm) SILVER

Read more in the blog post


  • 0.1" (2.54mm) header is the standard width of bread boards
  • 2.1mm power jacks are the most common size. Center is +, outside is -
  • There is no standard for ethernet jacks with integrated magnetics, check your datasheet twice!
Picture PartMouserDigikey
PinHeader-partlist-W480.jpg 01x40 0.1" (2.54mm) male straight pin header TIN GOLD
PinHeader-partlist-W480.jpg 01x40 0.1" (2.54mm) male right angle pin header GOLD
Shunts to connect 0.1" pin header (pin jumpers) RED BLACK
PowerConnectors -partlist-W480.jpg Power connectors 2.1mm SMD 2.1mm PTH 2.1mm MALE plug 2.1mm SMD
USB-miniB-partlist-W480.jpg USB MINI-B SMD Kobikon
USB B PTH USB B connector
Ethernet J1006F21 [HR911105A]
3.5MM headphone Internal switch normally open


Picture TypeMouserDigikey
TSOP38-partlist.jpg Infrared demodulator TSOP38238 (38KHz, 2.2-5.5V)
QSE159-partlist.jpg Infrared detector QSE159
TO92-NPN-transistor.jpg 1-Wire temperature sensor DS1822 (TO-92)
Digital thermal sensor TC74A2-3.3VCTTR (SOT-23A-5)
Serial I2C RTC DS1307ZN (SOIC-8)


Other ICs
Description PackageMouserDigikey
MC34063A boost converter SOIC-8 MC34063ADR
MCP4725A D/A converter SOT-23 MCP4725A1T
Solid state relay SOT-23-8 DG449DS-T1-E3
Ethernet MAC/PHYSO-28W ENC28J60-SO
Microchip USB->serial converter SSOP-20 MCP2200SS
3-axis accelerometer LGA-14 MMA7455LT

PIC microcontrollers

PIC microcontrollers
Description PackageMouserDigikey
PIC18F24J50 SOIC-28 PIC18F24J50-I/SO PIC18F24J50-I/SO
PIC18F24J50 SSOP-28 PIC18F24J50-I/SS
PIC18F2550 SOIC-28 PIC18F2550-I/SO
PIC18F2550 DIP-28 PIC18F2550
PIC18F67J60 TQFP-64 PIC18F67J60
PIC24FJ256 TQFP-64 PIC24FJ256GB106
PIC33FJ128 TQFP-44 PIC33FJ128GP204-I/PT

Memory and storage

Memory ICs
Description PackageMouserDigikey
EEPROM (I2C)SOIC-8 24AA02E48-I/SN (with MAC)
EEPROM (I2C)DIP-8 24AA01-I/P 24AA02/P
EEPROM (SPI)SOIC-8N (narrow) 25AA080B-I/SN 25AA080/SN 24AA02/SN 93C46B-I/SN
EEPROM (SPI)SOIC-8M (medium) 25LC1024-I/SM
Flash ROM (SPI)SOIC-08W (wide) ATMEL AT45DB021D 2Mbit

ATMEL AT45DB041D 4Mbit

AT45DB041D 4Mbit

Winbond W25X20 Winbond W25X40

SRAM SOJ 256K 32Kx8 10ns 3.3v 256K 32Kx8 12ns 5V

1Mb 128Kx8 12ns 3.3v

SRAMTSOP 256K 32Kx8 10ns 3.3V


Logic ICs
Description PackageMouserDigikey
74LVC1G125 1bit 5v tolerant 3state buffer SOT-23-5 74LVC1G125
74xx573 8bit 5v tolerant 3state buffer SO-20W 74LVC573
74xx573 8bit 5v tolerant 3state buffer SOIC-20 74LVTH573 74LVT573** 74LVC573
74LCX16245 16bit 5v tolerant 3state buffer TSSOP-48 M74LCX16245DTR2G
74ACT125 4bit buffer SOIC-14 MC74ACT125DG
7WZ07P6X 2bit open drain buffer SC-70-6 NC7WZ07P6X
74xx595 8bit shift register SOIC-16 74HC595 74HCT595
74AVC2T45 2bit dual supply translator SSOP-8 SN74AVC2T45DCTR
74AVC4T245 4bit dual supply 3state translator TSSOP-16 SN74AVC4T245PW
CD4066 quad analog switchSOIC-14 CD4066**
74HCT4066 analog switch SOT-108 74HCT4066D
74HC4066 analog switch TSSOP-14 TC74HC4066AFTELM

Programmable logic

Programmable logic
Description PackageMouserDigikey
XC2C32A CPLD 32macrocells VQ44 XC2C32A-VQ44
XC2C64A CPLD 64macrocells VQ44 XC2C64A-VQ44
XC9572XL CPLD 72macrocells VQ44 XC9572XL-VQ44
XC3S250E FPGA 100pins VQ100 XC3S250E-VQ100
XC3S250E FPGA 144pins VQ144 XC3S250E-VQ144
  • Dual-in-line
    • SOIC - Small-outline integrated circuit. Dual-in-line, 8 or more pins, gull-wing lead form, pin pacing 1.27 mm
    • SOJ - the same as SOIC except J-leaded
    • TSOP - thin small-outline package, thinner than SOIC with smaller pin spacing of 0.5 mm
    • SSOP - Shrink Small-Outline Package, pin spacing of 0.635 mm or in some cases 0.8 mm
    • TSSOP - Thin Shrink Small-Outline package.
    • QSOP - Quarter-Size Small-Outline package, with pin spacing of 0.635 mm
    • VSOP - Very Small Outline Package, even smaller than QSOP; 0.4, 0.5 mm or 0.65 mm pin spacing
  • Quad-in-line
    • QFP - Quad Flat Package, various sizes, with pins on all four sides
    • LQFP/VQFP - Low-profile Quad Flat Package, 1.4 mm high, varying sized and pins on all four sides
    • TQFP/PQFP - plastic quad flat-pack, a square with pins on all four sides, 44 or more pins
    • QFN - Quad Flat No-lead, smaller footprint than leaded equivalent

Package descriptions adapted from Wikipedia.