Logic Sniffer buffer wing test plan

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The test for the buffer wing uses two Logic Sniffers:

  1. OLS 1 in normal mode (attach to USB).
  2. OLS 2 in test mode (attach to USB with shorted RX/TX pin).



The goal is to measure the test pattern from the unbuffered header of OLS2 with the buffer wing attached to OLS1. If the buffer wing is working, the test pattern will display.

  1. Attach a buffer wing to the 'wing' header on OLS 1
  2. Connect a cable to the 'wing' header of OLS 2
  3. Connect the other end of the cable to the IO pins on the wing buffer
  4. Use the logic analyzer client (we recommend this one) to capture the waveform through the buffer attached to OLS 1. The screenshot shows a configuration that will capture from the correct pins
  5. Verify that each channel shows a waveform. This will look the same as the OLS test