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The Open Benchmark Logic Sniffer on the web:

Example 1: UART between BusPirate and OLS

  • connect the MOSI pin of the BusPirate with any channel on the OLS (in this example i used ch7).
  • connect MISO pin with GRND.
Uart 00.png
Uart 01.png
Uart 02.png
  • config the SUMPclient as followed (dont check the value box for triggering on lowlevel - uart is high without a signal!!)
  • start capture (the ARMled should light now)
Uart 03.png
  • start UART connection on buspirate
  • send some data (0x10, 0x11, 0x12, ...)
Uart 04.png
  • the capturing starts automatic (because of the trigger)
Uart 05.png
  • analyze it finally and check - worked fine!
Uart 06.png

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