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July 2014

  • Same WordPress comment and posting slowness as previously. Backed up and reinstalled, everything seems ok now. There was no sign of hacks, no idea what causes this
  • Updated server

December 2012

  • WordPress comments were posting really slow (5-10 seconds), and we got 504 Gateway Errors. Did a server update and reinstalled WordPress
  • Renamed and updated all databases, users, and passwords

December 2011

  • Moved to a new server at Hetzner after down time on old server
  • Move happened on Christmas day
  • We also dropped Cloud Flare because they had as much downtime as we did

August 2011


  • Added custom wiki theme (previous look shown above)


  • Added custom forum theme (previous look shown above)

July 2011

  • Added custom blog theme


  • Added custom free PCB drawer theme (previous look shown above)

June 2011

  • Switched to dedicated server at Hetzner after outages at Laughing Squid
  • Added Cloud Flare cache service

April 2011

  • Added Zen Card 'free PCB drawer'

January 2011

  • Switched to phpBB3 forum software, SMF wasn't really open source and development seemed stalled

July 2010

  • MediaWiki wiki installed

March 2010

July 2009