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(Prototype stage)
(Prototype stage)
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| [[Guillo: Android Accessory Development kit|Android Accessory Development kit]]||[[file:pcb-Android-Accessory-Dev-kit.jpg|150px]]||
| [[Guillo: Android Accessory Development kit|Android Accessory Development kit]]||[[file:pcb-Android-Accessory-Dev-kit.jpg|150px]]||
| [[Bus Pirate v3.8]]
| [[Bus Pirate v3.8]]||[File:buspiratev38.jpg]]||

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In initial production

A first batch of 20-100 is being made

Bus Pirate v4Bp-pcb-v4-complete-working-proto.jpg
Nokia color LCD backpackNokia-lcd-front-dp.jpg

Prototype stage

USB POV ToyUsb-pov-toy-proto1.jpg
Robby: SuperprobeSuperprobe-proto1-W150.jpg
Dangerous DSODdso-overview.jpg
Antoinette: Logic Shrimp v2LogicShrimp-v2-pcb-W150.jpg
Isabelle: LC4032V CPLD breakout v1Pcb-LC4032v-CPLD-breakout-v1.jpg
Jose: Altera MAX3000A CPLD breakout v1Pcb-AlteraMAX3000A-CPLD-breakoutv1.jpg
Herve: Weather ShieldWeatherRadio-Shield.jpg
TCPIP to serial converterPcb-TCPIP2Serial.jpg
Android Accessory Development kitPcb-Android-Accessory-Dev-kit.jpg
Bus Pirate v3.8[File:buspiratev38.jpg]]

Idea stage

YALA: CPLD-based logic analyzer
AT91SAM9260 Linux development boardWeb-platform-v2-linuxboard-pcb.jpg
PC power/current supply, multimeter Smps-4.png
Scriptable logic chip tester
FT232 programmerMiniblaster-brd.png(Inexpensive AVR/PIC/Arduino/CPLD programmer)
Bus Pirate v5Bpv5-adjustablepwr-va.png
USB IR Toy v3USB-IRtoy-v3-pcb-W150.jpg
Bus Pirate shieldBusPirate-shield-pcb-W150.jpg
Bus Pirate demo boardBusPirate-Demoboard-v1.0.jpg
USB IR Toy shieldPcb-IR-Toy-Shield-v2.jpg
Paddle clock bar graph v1PaddleClock-bargraph v1-pcb-W150.jpg
Paddle clock digit pad v1Paddle-clock-digitpad v1-W150.jpg
Paddle clock base v1bPaddleClock-base-v1b-brd.png
Soldering iron driver v1 SIDr-v1-pcb.jpg
Microchip TQFP-100 breakout board TQFO-100-proto.jpg
LPC development board LPC-development-board-pcb.png
SMD practice board LED-Marquee-board-v1-pcb.jpg
PC-Case Modding tool 150px
XC95144 CPLD Breakout Board Xc95144-preview23.png
Nokia LCD breakout board Nokia-LCD-bb-v1a.jpg
Infrared Thermopile sensor Infrared-Thermopile-sensor.jpg
PIC32DIP PIC32DIP-proto3.jpg
PIC24FJ64GA/B002 Breakout Board 150px
Programmable Dummy Load Board-programmable-dummy-load.png
Part Ninja Part-Ninja-pcb3.png
Transistor Tester
TPA6138A2 headphone driver boardPcb-HeadphoneDriverBoard-forAnalogPWM-inputs.jpg
NXP ARM Cortex M0/M3 LQFP-48 breakout boardNXP-ARM-CortexM0 M3-LQFP-48-pcb.jpg
Fan controlPcb-FanControl.jpg
PIC24 and PIC32 SOIC28 breakoutPcb-PIC24-PIC32-SOIC28breakout.jpg
ATX Breakout Board
Bus Pirate v4 LCD adapter150px
Bus Pirate v3 LCD adapter150px
Bus Pirate v4 HV Programming adapter150px
Bus Pirate v3 HV Programming adapter150px
Smoke Tester150px
Bus Pirate Edu kit partlist150px