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(Idea stage)
(Idea stage)
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| [[Othon : Programmable Dummy Load| Programmable Dummy Load]] || [[file:Board-programmable-dummy-load.png|150px]]||
| [[Othon : Programmable Dummy Load| Programmable Dummy Load]] || [[file:Board-programmable-dummy-load.png|150px]]||
| [[Cunegonde : PICTQFP100 v2| PICTQFP100_v2]] || [[file:Board-PICTQFP100_v2.png|150px]]||
| [[Transistor Tester]] || ||
| [[Transistor Tester]] || ||

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In initial production

A first batch of 20-100 is being made

Bus Pirate v4Bp-pcb-v4-complete-working-proto.jpg
Nokia color LCD backpackNokia-lcd-front-dp.jpg

Prototype stage

USB POV ToyUsb-pov-toy-proto1.jpg
Robby: SuperprobeSuperprobe-proto1-W150.jpg
Dangerous DSODdso-overview.jpg
Antoinette: Logic Shrimp v2LogicShrimp-v2-pcb-W150.jpg
Isabelle: LC4032V CPLD breakout v1Pcb-LC4032v-CPLD-breakout-v1.jpg
Jose: Altera MAX3000A CPLD breakout v1Pcb-AlteraMAX3000A-CPLD-breakoutv1.jpg
Herve: Weather ShieldWeatherRadio-Shield.jpg
TCPIP to serial converterPcb-TCPIP2Serial.jpg
Android Accessory Development kitPcb-Android-Accessory-Dev-kit.jpg

Idea stage

YALA: CPLD-based logic analyzer
AT91SAM9260 Linux development boardWeb-platform-v2-linuxboard-pcb.jpg
PC power/current supply, multimeter Smps-4.png
Scriptable logic chip tester
FT232 programmerMiniblaster-brd.png(Inexpensive AVR/PIC/Arduino/CPLD programmer)
Bus Pirate v5Bpv5-adjustablepwr-va.png
USB IR Toy v3USB-IRtoy-v3-pcb-W150.jpg
Bus Pirate shieldBusPirate-shield-pcb-W150.jpg
Bus Pirate demo boardBusPirate-Demoboard-v1.0.jpg
USB IR Toy shieldPcb-IR-Toy-Shield-v2.jpg
Paddle clock bar graph v1PaddleClock-bargraph v1-pcb-W150.jpg
Paddle clock digit pad v1Paddle-clock-digitpad v1-W150.jpg
Paddle clock base v1bPaddleClock-base-v1b-brd.png
Soldering iron driver v1 SIDr-v1-pcb.jpg
Microchip TQFP-100 breakout board TQFO-100-proto.jpg
LPC development board LPC-development-board-pcb.png
SMD practice board LED-Marquee-board-v1-pcb.jpg
PC-Case Modding tool 150px
XC95144 CPLD Breakout Board Xc95144-preview23.png
Nokia LCD breakout board Nokia-LCD-bb-v1a.jpg
Infrared Thermopile sensor Infrared-Thermopile-sensor.jpg
Bus Blaster v3 BB-v3.0-pcb.jpg
Bus Blaster v4 BB-v4.0-pcb.jpg
PIC32DIP 150px
PIC24FJ64GA/B002 Breakout Bouard PIC24FJ64GAB-front-small-pcb.jpg
Programmable Dummy Load Board-programmable-dummy-load.png
PICTQFP100_v2 150px
Transistor Tester