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Projects which have been discontinued are archived here -- they are no longer available from Seeed Studio and are not likely to be produced by Dangerous Prototypes again.

Web PlatformWebplatformv11-overview-W250.jpgThe Web Platform is a tiny server designed for networked hacks where a full PC is inconvenient. This business card size internet appliance can connect to web services, control physical objects from a browser interface, or email sensor status reports; no intermediate PC required!
Bus Pirate PIC programming adapterBus-Pirate-PIC-Programmer-beta-W250.jpgAn experimental programming adapter for the Bus Pirate, intended for piratePICprog. No software support, recommended for developers only.
XT IDE disk controllerPrototype-XTIDE-controller-CPLD-v2.jpgAn IDE harddive controller for vintage 8bit PCs. This hardware supports the Vintage Computer Forums' XT-IDE bios. All the logic is implemented completely in a CPLD, so it can be updated and hacked on the fly.
USB IR Toy v1Irtoy lrg-w490.jpgThis infrared hacking tool can visualize infrared signals with logic analyzer software, record and replay infrared signals, and decode them. Updated v2 available.
Flash DestroyerFd-W490-W250.jpgThe Flash Destroyer explores the limits of solid state storage by writing and verifying a common EEPROM chip, rated for 1 million writes, until it burns out. Sold out!
USB Universal LCD backpackUni-usb-lcd-overview3-W250.jpgThe USB Universal LCD backpack controls LCDs with up to 16 interface pins at 3.3volts or 5.0volts. This includes common HD44780 character LCDs and larger graphical LCDs. Sold out!
ENC424J600 breakout boardENC424J600-breakout-pietja-build.jpgA 100MBPS ethernet controller IC breakout board. Tested by several users as working, but never put into production.
Ethernet LCD backpackTwatchside-iii-W250.jpgThe #twatch is the Twitter addict's best friend. It shows a continuously updated stream of Twitter topics and tweets. It also displays PC stats from programs like LCD Smartie. Sold out.
MCP2200 Breakout BoardMcp2200-breakout-seeed.jpg MCP2200 USB to serial converter from Microchip. The USB (CDC-ASM) and configuration interface (HID) are both based on open protocols. Sold out.
Logic Shrimp logic analyzerLogic-shrimp-v1-250.jpgA medium speed, low cost logic analyzer with 256K samples and 20MHz top speed. Sold out.
Infrared Toy through-hole versionUsb-ittoy-pth-overview-W250.jpgThis design is the USB IR Toy v2 on a through-hole PCB. Bare PCB, you'll need to get your own parts. Sold out.
Dangerous DSODdso-overview.jpgExperimental sampling oscilloscope and logic analyzer. PCBs were available.
Nokia color LCD backpackNokia-lcd-front-dp.jpgWe took the inexpensive Color LCD found in Nokia phones, and added simple USB control. Screen contrast and backlight brightness are adjustable from software. Sold out.