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Projects which have been discontinued are archived here -- they are no longer available from Seeed Studio and are not likely to be produced by Dangerous Prototypes again.

XT IDE disk controller|Pcb-xtide.jpgAn IDE harddi
USB IR Toy v1Irtoy lrg-w490.jpgThis infrared hacking tool can visualize infrared signals with logic analyzer software, record and replay infrared signals, and decode them. Updated v2 available.
Flash DestroyerFd-W490-W250.jpgThe Flash Destroyer explores the limits of solid state storage by writing and verifying a common EEPROM chip, rated for 1 million writes, until it burns out. Sold out!
USB Universal LCD backpackUni-usb-lcd-overview3-W250.jpgThe USB Universal LCD backpack controls LCDs with up to 16 interface pins at 3.3volts or 5.0volts. This includes common HD44780 character LCDs and larger graphical LCDs. Sold out!