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Projects which have been discontinued are archived here -- they are no longer available from Seeed Studio and are not likely to be produced by Dangerous Prototypes again.

USB Universal LCD backpackUni-usb-lcd-overview3-W250.jpgThe USB Universal LCD backpack controls LCDs with up to 16 interface pins at 3.3volts or 5.0volts. This includes common HD44780 character LCDs and larger graphical LCDs. Sold out!
USB IR Toy v1Irtoy lrg-w490.jpgThis infrared hacking tool can visualize infrared signals with logic analyzer software, record and replay infrared signals, and decode them. Updated v2 available.
Flash DestroyerFd-W490-W250.jpgThe Flash Destroyer explores the limits of solid state storage by writing and verifying a common EEPROM chip, rated for 1 million writes, until it burns out. Sold out!