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This article is the expansion of Compal_POST_diagnostic_card



Compal POST diagnostic card is highly important for one of the ongoing projects (related to Bus Pirate as well!). It is unknown if there is an official website / product page for this debug card, and it was quite hard to find these materials shown below - they are constantly appearing / disappearing at various Chinese websites. Hopefully these materials could stay there at DP wiki page for developer's convenience - their total "weight" is just about 1 MB...

Especially important are the images from Information and Manual sections. Although they do not have an English alternative, it is possible to use various free OCR services to extract the Chinese characters from picture to text form - and then use the online translators to translate it to English and get more knowledge about POST card. I have been doing this while creating the primary Compal_POST_diagnostic_card article - using for initial recognition and to manually draw the not-recognized characters with mouse to convert to their text form. But, the obtained information is incomplete and might be imperfect, so if you could help - your help will be welcome!



Compal POST card structure.png

1) MiniPCI-E: support for LPC interface at Compal and other supported motherboards

2) LPC interface: second way to connect to laptop's motherboard

3) Serial port: alternative way to connect to laptop's motherboard

4) Dedicated chips: for processing the MiniPCI-E, LPC and serial port signals

5) Two seven-segment displays: for displaying the diagnostic results

6) Factory interface: used only by POST card's manufacturer (to flash its' firmware?)

7) LEDs: display the status of CLK and RST signals

CLK is blinking during the normal operation of POST card - if it was connected to the compatible laptop motherboard which has been turned on later (don't insert/extract the POST card while the motherboard is powered)

RST lights when the card gets LPC Reset (LRSTJ) signal.

If the POST card is stuck at EE code or cycles between 00 and EE, it could be that a card is faulty... If it is stuck at 00 code, it is probably because the motherboard is incompatible or its' BIOS is empty (has not been flashed or flashed improperly)



Compal POST card photo 1.jpg

Compal POST card photo 2.jpg

Compal POST card photo 3.jpg

Compal POST card photo 4.jpg



Compal POST card info 1.jpg

Compal POST card info 2.jpg



Compal POST card manual 1.jpg

Compal POST card manual 2.jpg

Compal POST card manual 3.jpg

Compal POST card manual 4.jpg

Compal POST card manual 5.jpg

Compal POST card manual 6.jpg

Compal POST card manual 7.jpg

Compal POST card manual 8.jpg

Compal POST card manual 9.jpg