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v3.8 is intended for the Bus Pirate education kit, and includes some fixes to long standing issues like the botched pinout that’s haunted me since the first version with a 2×5 connector.

New in v3.8

  • I/O arrangement changed to match the logical order of initial layout. One wire uses pin one, I2C and 2 wire use pin 1 and 2, SPI uses 1 through 4, etc. Arrangement were now similar to Bus Pirate v4(less AUX1 and AUX2 pins):
Bpv3.8 changes.png
pin 1 – MOSI
pin 2 – CLK
pin 3 – MISO
pin 4 – CS
pin 5 – AUX
pin 6 – ADC
pin 7 – VPU
pin 8 – 3V3
pin 9 – 5V0
pin10 – GND
  • Fixed I/O shrouded header, shrouded header notch now facing outward the PCB
  • Micro USB connector
  • SMD LED footprint is now 0603 package instead of 0805