Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter

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Bus Pirate PIC programming adapter
Codename None
Status Test production
Development development forum
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Will be available to developers shortly. Provides a 13volt supply and transistors to control it. Read more in the forum.






C1 470pF capacitor (0805)
C2, C3, C6 0.1uF/50V capacitor (0805)
C4 10uF/10V capacitor (SMC_A)
C5 4.7uF/35V (SMD_A5)
D1, D2 1N5819, 20V, 1A+ diode (SOD123)
IC1 MC34063AD (SO08)
JP1 female 02x5 plug
L1 680uH/0.12A inductor (L4532P)
PIC-ICSP 1X05 0.1” pin header
POWER 1X03 0.1” pin header
R1 20K resistor (0805)
R2 2K2 resistor (0805)
R3 4R7 resistor (0805)
R4 180R resistor (0805)
R5 39K resistor (0805)
R6 100K resistor (0805)
R7 100R resistor (0805)
R8-R12 10K resistor (0805)
T1, T2 NPN, 200mA+, 30+hfe transistor (SOT23-BEC)
T3,T4 PNP, 600mA+, 40+ hef transistor (SOT23-BEC)

Calculating VPP from feedback voltage

 The final version should measure MCLR after VPP for maximum flexibility!

The programming adapter outputs 13volts, which is more than the Bus Pirate can safely measure. The voltage probe measures the output through a 39K resistor, which combines with the two 10K resistors already on the Bus Pirate to divide the voltage to a safe level. The cumulative R1 value is 49K, R2 is 10K.

  • Raw reading: 0x2A6 (678)
  • Actual voltage: (678/1024)*3.3volts=2.18volts
  • Scale for resistor divider: Vin = (Vout*(R1+R2))/R2 = (2.18volts*(49K+10K))/10K = 12.86volts (ideal is 13volts)

Example solution.

Manufacturing selftest

HVP selftest utility is intended for manufacturers to test and verify the voltage output level at the assembly line.

Tests the high voltage programmer boost converter output using the Bus Pirate. If the board generates 12.5volts+, it passes. The final version will use a hardware update to test the high voltage switching circuit as well.

Current Version

Bus Pirate HVP Adapter SELF TEST utility v0.1 (CC-0)


Help Menu
   hvpselftest  -p device -s speed

   Example Usage:   hvpselftest -p COM1 -s 115200

           Where: -p device is port e.g.  COM1
                  -s Speed is port Speed  default is 115200

Note about this Utility

This simple selftest utility sets the buspirate to enter the binary bitbang mode first, then configure the pins as output by sending '01000000' to it, and then send '1100000' to set the power on, and send '00010100' for the voltage probe measurement, and take a reading from the 2 bytes reply.

It then power off the unit for the next test.

Download from the svn here