Bus Pirate Edu Kit Exercise no.12

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BP EK E12 overview2.jpg



The Circuit

BP EK E12 schematic2.jpgBP EK E12 circuit3.jpg

Breadboard legend

IC Location Breadboard wiring legend
IC PIN1 (+) PIN2 (-)
74HCT595 E8 E9
Potentiometer J22 J23
Signal name Contact1 Contact2
5V BP_5V BB_+_left
5V BB_+_left BB_+_right
5V BB_+_left LCD pin2
5V BB_+_right J8
5V BB_+_right J14
5V BB_+_right G22
GND BP_GND BB_-_left
GND BB_-_left BB_-_right
GND BB_-_left A15
GND BB_-_left LCD pin1
GND BB_-_right J11
GND BB_-_right G24
Data Input BP_MOSI I10
Data Clock BP_CLK I13
Contrast G23 LCD pin3
RS C8 LCD pin4
RW C9 LCD pin5
EN C10 LCD pin6
D4 C11 LCD pin11
D5 C12 LCD pin12
D6 C13 LCD pin13
D7 C14 LCD pin14
  • The (+) and (-) next to PIN1 and PIN2 are intended for devices such as LEDs, where PIN1 should be the anode and connected to a higher potential then PIN2.

Bus Pirate Terminal

Not Working?

Taking it further