Bus Pirate Edu Kit Exercise no.12

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BP EK E12 overview2.jpg



The Circuit

BP EK E12 schematic2.jpgBP EK E12 circuit3.jpg

Breadboard legend

IC Location Breadboard wiring legend
IC PIN1 (+) PIN2 (-)
74HCT595 E8 E9
LED1 C17 C18
LED2 C20 C21
LED3 C23 C24
LED4 C26 C27
LED5 H17 H18
LED6 H20 H21
LED7 H23 H24
LED8 H26 H27
RES1 BB_-_left A18
RES2 BB_-_left A21
RES3 BB_-_left A24
RES4 BB_-_left A27
RES5 BB_-_right J18
RES6 BB_-_right J21
RES7 BB_-_right J24
RES8 BB_-_right J27
Signal name Contact1 Contact2
5V BP_5V BB_+_left
5V BB_+_left BB_+_right
5V BB_+_right J8
5V BB_+_right J14
GND BP_GND BB_-_left
GND BB_-_left BB_-_right
GND BB_-_left A15
5V BB_-_right J11
Data Input BP_MOSI I10
Data Clock BP_CLK I13
Bit0 H9 A17
Bit1 C8 A20
Bit2 C9 A23
Bit3 C10 A26
Bit4 C11 F17
Bit5 C12 F20
Bit6 C13 F23
Bit7 C14 F26
  • The (+) and (-) next to PIN1 and PIN2 are intended for devices such as LEDs, where PIN1 should be the anode and connected to a higher potential then PIN2.

Bus Pirate Terminal

Not Working?

Taking it further