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Dangerous Prototypes has been around for a while, and there have been many people who have made contributions to our projects, or other tasks that keep us up and running. Here you will find some bios of who we are!

DP-IanLesnet.jpg Ian Lesnet - Ian has been hacking computers forever, but he didn't get into electronics until a dissertation project went awry. In 2004 he started blogging about his hacking endeavors at Instructables, then later at DIY Life and Hack a Day. In 2009 Ian started Dangerous Prototypes and teamed up with Seeed Studio to make copies of his project available to anyone. Ian has an undistinguished engineering background, and degrees in Art and Design, and Urban and Regional Planning. Ian enjoys biking, cooking, and carousing around urban centers. Ian's favorite foods are BBQ, carne asada tacos, and gumbo.
Lynn Lacanaria - Lynn runs the business side of Dangerous Prototypes, from accounting to free PCB inventory. Lynn has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from La Concordia College, and loves practicing Filipino martial arts. DP-LynnLacanaria.jpg
DP-Vimark.jpgVimark - Vimark is an engineer who loves to design hardware in Cadsoft Eagle. He has a fondness for PCB designs and likes the most challenging boards. He made audio amplifiers taken from electronics books before PICs were all the rage. His first microcontroller project was an 8051 basic board that he assembled with point to point wiring on a perfboard. This project sparked his interest and love for electronics. Vimark hates writing bios.
Sjaak - Sjaak registered on the forum after buying a Bus Pirate. He wrote a couple of patches for it and decided to rewrite the user-interaction-core of the Bus Pirate, a project dubbed "newterm". Dangerous Prototypes renewed his interest in electronics, as he dusts off his degree in electronics. Sjaak's day life is in the Dutch ICT sector, which has too few real electronics nowadays.DP-Sjaak.jpg
DP-Machinegeek.jpg Machinegeek - Machinegeek is a free lance tech writer interested in open source hardware/software, embedded systems and telecommunications issues. He is a tech security researcher based on the east coast of the United States. Machinegeek blogs at Dangerous Prorotypes daily. His awesome posts bring a flavor of HAM radio, programmable logic, and more.
Sheldon (SQKYbeaver) - I have always been involved electronics in some way or another, at 6 years I was soldering my own projects using drawings my dad drew up for me, using parts like the 555 or lm174. In high school I studied electronics and auto mechanics, and was often a part of the LAN parties in the cad lab, which is when the SQKYbeaver was born. Since then I have been an auto mechanic and have done some work prototyping for my father's firm. I am a fan of Silicon Labs 8051 micros, and have been using them for about 5 years. Most of my work with them has been making one off prototypes, or for proof of concept. I have always tried to challenge myself with complex projects that is what brought my attention to the Linux board, and how I got started with Dangerous Prototypes. DP-SQKYbeaver.jpg
DP-SQKYbeaver.jpg Filip (arakis) - I played with electronics since high-school and 13 years later I'm still doing it. I enjoy almost every aspect of electrons, analog and digital design, PCB routing, firmware, and software. I also like 3D modeling in Google SketchUp, and rendering in Kerkythea. The thing that draws me to engineering is the pure logic of it, and the inability to leave a problem unsolved.