Various update applications for the Open Logic Sniffer

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We recommend the complete update package available at the Gadget Factory. This is a simple all-in-one solution for updating.

There's a ton of other user-created update applications below that you might like too.



Software overview / Latest stable release
Item Website/Documentation Latest stable release - download link
Boot loader n/a
PIC firmware Forum thread
FPGA 'Demon' Core Forum thread
PC client, Jawi ols-0.9.5-full.tar.gz
Original PIC fw_update (Windows/Linux/Mac) Forum thread
Original FPGA/ROM ols-loader (Windows/Linux/Mac) OLS-loader utility Forum thread
Combined PIC/FPGA update tool (Windows/Linux/Mac?) OLS-fwloader comprehensive update utility ols-fwloader-0.1.tar.gz
Windows GUI combined PIC/FPGA update tool Source on github

For details about the features see the Feature Status page.

How to update

Complete upgrades

FPGA bitstream upgrades

PIC firmware upgrades

Some preorder 1 Logic Sniffers shipped without a bootloader. Here's some options to get it fixed:bootloader rescue

In rare cases keyboards may stop working under Windows 7 after an update. This appears to be a Windows 7 problem. Here's a solution.