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LCD Smartie is a Windows application that shows news, email, system information, and more on an external LCD screen. It supports many USB and serial port USB backpacks, we use it with the USB and Serial LCD backpack. LCD Smartie is free, open source (GPL) software.


Stuff you'll need

Install LCD Smartie

  • Download the software from sourceforge
  • Extract the archived files into a folder.

Configure LCD Smartie

These steps describe how to setup and configure LCD Smartie the first time you run it.

Start for the first time


Inside the LCD Smartie folder double click on the LCDSmartie.exe file. The app will start with this screen.

Select Matrix Orbital plugin


  • Click on the setup button in the bottom left corner of the LCD Smartie start screen
  • Change the Display Plugins drop-down to matrix.dll

Setup Matrix plugin


  • Find the LCD Backpack serial (COM) port number in the Windows Device Manager
  • Enter the COM port in the LCD Smartie configuration box
  • Use the default baud rate 9600 (9600bps), or choose up to 115200
  • The maximum baud-rate supported by the LCD Backpack is 115200bps

Screen Configuring


  • Click on the Screen tab
  • Select your LCD size from the dropdown menu
  • Now hit OK to finish the setup

How to use it


LCD Smartie instructions page