USB VID/PIDs used in projects

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Seeed Studio sells versions of Dangerous Prototypes projects with USB vendor IDs and products IDs licensed from Microchip.

Since these are open source projects there could be other vendors with different VID/PIDs. Please add any here.

Project Bootloader Main number type Firmware type
USB IR Toy 0X04D8 0xFD0B HID 0X04D8 0XFD08 CDC-serial (ACM)
Logic Sniffer 0X04D8 0XFC90 HID 0X04D8 0xFC92 CDC-serial (ACM)
Flash Destroyer 0X04D8 0xFBEB HID - -
Bus Pirate v4 0X04D8 0xFAFF HID 0X04D8 0xFB00 CDC-serial (ACM)
Nokia LCD backpack 0X04D8 0XFAC1 HID 0X04D8 0XFABF CDC-serial (ACM)
Logic Shrimp 0X04D8 0XFA96 HID 0X04D8 0XFA95 CDC-serial (ACM)
HD44780 LCD backpack 0X04D8 0XFA98 HID 0X04D8 0XFA97 CDC-serial (ACM)
USB POV Toy 0X04D8 0XFA4B HID 0X04D8 0XFA4E CDC-serial (ACM)
DSO 0X04D8 0XFA50 HID 0X04D8 0XFA52 CDC-serial (ACM)
Bus Blaster v2 custom PID channel A N/A 0x0403 0x8878 FTDI serial
Bus Blaster v2 custom PID channel B N/A 0x0403 0x8879 FTDI serial
Mystery USB device 0x04D8 0xF74E
TFT LCD backpack Firmware TFT LCD 0x04D8 0xF74D
  • Additional allocated FTDI VIDs: 0x0403 0x887A-0x887F (reserved for future projects)