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Project Summary
Name: USB Universal LCD backpack
Buy it: [ Get one for $15 at Seeed Studio]
Price: $15
Status: Test production
Manufacturing: Discontinued
Forum: USB Universal LCD backpack Forum

Read about the USB Universal LCD backpack design.

The USB Universal LCD backpack controls LCDs with up to 16 interface pins at 3.3volts or 5.0volts. This includes common HD44780 character LCDs and larger graphical LCDs. Right now there's only one demo app, so be prepared to write custom software or drivers.

  • Small backpack mounts behind most LCDs
  • USB control for common 1x8, 1x16, 2x8, 2x16 ... up to 4x40 character displays and some graphic displays
  • Support for 3v3 and 5v LCDs
  • FT232R breakout, all pins to a header
  • 5volt backlight control with 500mA current limiter




Connection diagram

Pinout guide for the various headers.

Software and drivers

There is currently an example C# application that requires .NET v4. We hope this source can seed more applications.

Development resources


Tested LCDs

Character LCDs (HD44780 compatible)
FormatModel/Name Manufacturer Description Controller IC Notes Source
8*2 LMB0820DFC TOPWAY Technology Corp. 8*2 character, white/blue KS0066 connects to 2x8 header JP3 Seeed Studio

ITead Studio

16*2 DEM16217 SYH-PY Display Elektonik GmbH 16*2 character, STN yellow/green ST7066U-0A-B connects to 1x16/24 header JP4,

pin 1-14 LCD --> pin 1-14 backpack, pin L+, L- LCD --> pin 15 (+BL), 16 (GND) backpack


many others

16*2 LM118KFWL2 SOLOMON Goldentek Display Corp. 16*2 character, STN white/blue, red backlight KS0066 connects to 1x16/24 header JP4,

pin 1-14 LCD --> pin 1-14 backpack, pin 15, 16 LCD --> pin 15 (+BL), 16 (GND) backpack

16*2WH1602B-TMI-JT#040 WINSTAR Display Co. 16*2 characters, white/blue S6A0069 connects to 1x16/24 header JP4 Sure Electronics (DE-LM201)
16*4CM164-1 Shenzhen Brilliant Crystal Technologic Co., Ltd 16*4, yellow/green, yellow LED backlight SPLC780D connects to 1x16/24 header JP4 Futurlec
20*4LMB204BCF TOPWAY Technology Corp. 20*4, white/blue, white LED backlight KS0073 connects to 1x16/24 header JP4 Seeed Studio

ITead Studio

20*4JHD204A REV 1.0 Jing Handa Electronics Ltd. 20*4, yellow/green, yellow LED backlight, cheap generic LCD KS0066 connects to 1x16/24 header JP4 eBay


  • Hardware: CC-BY-SA
  • Software: CC-BY-SA