USB Infrared Toy schematic and partlist

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Circuit board


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Part Value
C1-C4 0.1uF capacitor (0805)
C5,C6 27pF capacitor (0805)
D1 Small signal diode (DO323)
IC1 PIC 18F2550-i/so (SOIC28W)
ICSP 0.1" pin header (1x05)
J1 USB MINI-B jack (SMD)
Q1 20MHz crystal (SMD/HC49UP)
R1 10,000 ohm resistor (0805)
R2 2700 ohm resistor (0805)
R3 390 ohm resistor (0805)
R4 180 ohm resistor (0805)
R5 1000 ohm resistor (0805)
T1 NPN transistor, hfe 30+, 200mA+ (0805)
I indicator LED (0805)
RX 5volt 38kHz IR receiver (eg: TSOP38238)
TX ~940nm, 20mA IR LED (5mm) preorder 1 used SFH-480 ~880nm, 200mA IR LED
S1 small tactile switch (optional)

The latest sources and distributors are in the master partlist. See something missing? Please let us know.


The latest Cadsoft Eagle schematic and PCB are in GitHub.