USB IR Toy: IRman decoder mode

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Remote control decoder


The IR Toy default mode is a simple IRman compatible USB remote control decoder. Command your PC from a remote control with lirc/WinLIRC, Event Ghost, PC Remote Control, Girder, etc. The LED will blink very briefly each time it decodes an IR signal.

IRman has a simple handshake: when the PC says "IR", the IRman responds "OK". Decoded signals are sent as 6 byte packets. The device ID and command code are in the first two bytes, the rest are 0x00.

RC5 and RC5x are currently the only supported remote control protocols. RC5 is usually available as a low-number Phillips code on universal remote controls. We'd like to add more protocols in a future firmware upgrade.


0×00 – Reset, return to RC decoder mode (all modes)
0×01 – SUMP run (captures and sends data to SUMP logic analyzer client)
0×02 – SUMP ID (responds: 1ALS )
0×52 (‘r’ or ‘R’) – IRman handshake (responds ‘OK’).
0×58 (‘x’ or ‘X’) – Enter raw IR/IO mode (responds ‘X01′)
('s' or 'S') - Enter IR sampling mode (responds 'S01')
('t' or 'T') - Run self test (see self-test)
('v' or 'V') - Show hardware/firmware version (responds 'V1##')
('u' or 'U') - Enter USB to serial converter mode (responds U01)
0×24 (‘$’) – Trigger the bootloader (no jumper required)

Commands available from the main start mode (RC5 decoder mode)