USB IR Toy: Configure EventGhost to use WinLIRC

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This could be a more general guide, but for now we have info about configuring EventGhost to do transmit with WinLIRC.



Configuring EventGhost (EG) & WinLirc

1. First get WinLIRC running with the desired remote(s).

2. Advice on executing WinLIRC: (from C:\Program Files\EventGhost\plugins\Lirc\

  • Script for handling (Win)Lirc events by jinxdone - 16th December 2007
  • EventGhost plugin for receiving Lirc-style events written in python.
  • This plugin has been made to work with WinLIRC, though it should also work with any version of Lirc.
  • If you are using WinLirc I'd suggest setting it a higher priority than normal.
  • It's also a good idea to autorun it from somewhere, for example from eventghost or automatically during windows startup etc.
  • Example of launching Winlirc with higher priority: cmd.exe /C "start /realtime /min /B /D C:\winlirc\ C:\winlirc\winlirc.exe"

I used a batch file to fit my setup:

cd "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\_Active\DP IR Toy\IR software &  Info\winlirc-0.8.7\WinLIRC"
cmd.exe /C "start /realtime /min /B /D . winlirc.exe"

3. Add the password registry entry: WinLIRC_password.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


See WinLirc

If EG is running when you add these registry keys, you may need to restart it.

4. Start WinLIRC (note advice at step 2) - and have it configured + remotes...

5. Do not have IRtoy plugin installed/active in EG.

6. In EG, Add plugin LIRC client (not WinLIRC!). Configure the plugin to meet your needs.

I chose to "List remotes from the LIRC server" as this is extremely useful at step 8.

7. It receives by default and has default KB etc actions already defined (via other parts of std EG cfg). For example: Power button on a remote - wants to close EG (because it was the active app?).

8. Create a folder under the "Context Folder" tree, Add a macro, then Add an Action - select LIRC send action.

If you choose to "List remotes from the LIRC server" during the LIRC cfg then you will have the remotes + buttons available!

9. Continue adding macros & actions as desired.