Twatch network LCD schematic and partlist

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Circuit board


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Part Value Package
IC1 PIC 18F67J60 TQFP-64
C1-3 10uF tantalum capacitor, 10volts+ SMC_A
C4,5 33pF capacitor 0805
C10,11,C14-23 0.1uF capacitor 0805
ICSP 5x 0.1" male pin header
J1 2.1mm SMD power jack SMD
J2 HR911105A ethernet jack RJ-45
L1, L2 Ferrite bead, 200ma+ 0805
NPN1 NPN transistor, 250hfe+, 800ma+ SOT-23
Q1 25MHz SMD crystal HC49UP
R2(A) 10K single turn trim resistor 3mm SMD or through hole (cheapest)
R3 240 ohms resistor 0805
R4-6 390 ohms resistor 0805
R7 2,260 ohms resistor, 1% 0805
R10-21 10,000 ohms resistor 0805
R30-33 49.9 ohms resistor, 1% 0805
VR1 LDO 3.3volt regulator (LD1117) TO-220
VR2 7805T 5volt regulator TO-220
HD44780-LCD 20x4 HD44780 character LCD --

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