Potential PSU

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Power supply objectives:

  • At least 1A per output
  • 0.7-12v range
  • Input of 12-24v DC
  • User supplied DC supply (reuse old laptop power supplies for example)
  • Software controlled constant current or constant voltage
  • Script-able control
  • Ability to set limits on current and voltage output (software breakers)
  • Any input can be used for current or voltage control/limits

Analog input objectives:

  • Ability to measure AC voltages up to mains
  • 16 bit resolution
  • High input impedance
  • 8 Inputs

Implementation ideas:

  • Atmega168 /w ft232 for usb/serial and 8channel SPI adc
  • Use 16bit PWM for power control
  • Use the 6 onboard A2D to monitor input voltage, 2 output voltages, 2 output currents (poor resolution, only 10bit, maybe good enough for input voltage and output current, but not output voltage)
  • Power switching MOSFETs???
  • Filtering Network???