Nokia color LCD backpack

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Project Summary
Name: Nokia color LCD backpack
Buy it: Get one for $9.50 at Seeed Studio
Price: $9.50
Status: Test production
Manufacturing: Shipping
Forum: Nokia color LCD backpack Forum

Prototype PCBs are available in the free PCB drawer.


Read about the design.

Available for $9.50 at Seeed Studio.

We took the inexpensive displays found in Nokia phones, and added simple USB control. Screen contrast and backlight brightness are adjustable from software. A small booster supplies 7 volts for the backlight.

  • Control inexpensive color LCDs over USB
  • LCD included
  • USB powered, boost converter supplies 7volts for the backlight
  • Backlight is dimmable
  • Minimum PCB size
  • USB upgradable
  • Open source (CC-BY-SA)




Software and drivers

Development resources



  • Hardware: CC-BY-SA
  • Software: CC-BY-SA
  • Firmware: CC-BY-SA
  • Bootloader: GPL