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  • AliExpress (aliexpress.com - China) Alibaba's version of a "buy it now" eBay with payments held in escrow until delivery confirmed. Many eBay items appear to be sourced from here. Good pricing on many bulk items. PICkit 2 programmers < $US 15; PICkit 3 programmers < $US 20 including shipping (2014).
  • BuyInCoins (www.buyincoins.com - China) All prices include worldwide shipping (registered mail an extra $US 1.69). Many eBay items appear to be sourced from here. Various discount coupons available from time to time offering 7-10% off site-wide.
  • DealExtreme (dealextreme.com - China). All prices include worldwide shipping. Many eBay items appear to be sourced from here. Bulk discounts. Many more electronic parts have been added of late (2012).
  • eBay - always check first (don't forget to check the seller's feedback too). Items on ebay.com are often cheaper than on com.au or .co.uk.
  • Element 14 (element14.com.au - Australia) occasionally. Australian web prices include free express mail shipping for orders over $A 45, but component costs can be expensive for one-offs.
  • Futurlec (.com, .com.au - Thailand) - Invariably larger orders are held up because 1 or 2 items are out of stock (their in stock indication is fantasy as one in stock item was a new Microchip PIC that Microchip itself had not yet started shipping). No communication unless you hassle them and ask for the out of stock items to be deleted from the order. Often considerably cheaper than elsewhere for many items. Cheap shipping. Orders dispatched from Hong Kong, Singapore or Thailand (no apparent pattern).
  • GeeeTech (geeetech.com - China) - reasonably fast shipping.
  • iTeadStudio (iteadstudio.com - China) - components, cheap PCB prototyping service, reasonably fast shipping.
  • MDFly (mdfly.com - USA) - fast overseas shipping (to Australia).
  • SeeedStudio (seeedstudio.com - China) - for DP products. Cheap PCB prototyping service. Shipping times are variable, longer especially when mailed from Singapore (to Australia).
  • Sure Electronics - own site (sureelectronics.net - China) and eBay. Had one DOA item, but they quickly sent a replacement, no hassles. Their eBay store is inexplicably often cheaper when you add their own site's shipping charges.