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FPGA bitstreams

Features working in bitstream versions
Fast SPI data bus X X XX
Dynamic memory XX
RLE 32bit only 8/16/32bit 32bit onlyAll
Advanced triggers X
  • Fast SPI data bus - the FPGA and PIC communicate over a fast SPI data bus (new in v2)
  • Dynamic memory - more memory is available when fewer channels are used (new in v2.12)
  • RLE - compression method (32bits usually ok, other configurations still in progress)
  • Advanced triggers (10+ levels) were introduced in the Demon Core (v3.0+)

Demon Core (v3)

Bitstreams v3+ are based on a port of the SUMP VHDL to the Verilog language, codename Demon Core. Forum member dogsbody did the port, and also added all the features of a professional logic analyzer.

Client support and development on this core continues.

SUMP Core (v2)

Bitstreams v1 and v2 were based on the original SUMP project core written in VHDL.

RLE issues

The Demon Core (v3.06+) and client v0.9.3.1+ have fixed the RLE issues

RLE is a compression method, it only records changes in data instead of a series of snapshots. It is also buggy in SUMP and possibly the SUMP client. Here are some notes we've received:

  • RLE can only work when you include channel group 3 in the capture
  • Noise filtering breaks RLE
  • After a capture with the noise filter you must capture without channel group 3 to get captures to work correctly

PIC firmware

Features working in firmware versions
Fast SPI data bus XXXXXXXX
SPI data queuing XXXXXXX
Binary self-test XXXX
OLS v1.04+ (Winbond ROM) XXX
Faster SPI for v3.xx Demon Core XX
  • Fast SPI data bus - the FPGA and PIC communicate over a fast SPI data bus (firmware v0.4+)
  • SPI data queuing - reduces USB overhead by queuing data in to packets (new in v0.5, fixed in v0.6)
  • Binary self-test - A completely revamped self-test in v2.1+ can be triggered from ROM update mode, results can be read out for debugging
  • The USB VID/PID changes in v0.6 due to a bug fix
  • OLS v1.04+ have a Winbond flash ROM instead of an ATMEL flash ROM