Logic Shrimp SUMP protocol support

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The Logic Shrimp supports a sub-set of the SUMP logic analyzer protocol.


0x00 Reset

Operates normally

  • Currently captures in progress cannot be canceled. This will be fixed in a firmware upgrade.

0x01 Run

Operates normally

0x02 ID

Operates normally, returns "1SLA".

0x03 Test mode

A self test mode that is different than the Logic Sniffer. Performs an internal self-test and reports the result.

  • Tests the SRAMs
  • Tests the clock and clock buffer
  • Tests the PIC timers
  • Returns 0x00 for success, or an error code for failure

0x04 Meta data

Returns a device descriptor as defined in the Logic Sniffer extended SUMP protocol.

0x81 Sample setup

Operates normally.

  • Up to 256K samples
  • Supports pre/post trigger sample settings

Trigger setup

  • 0xC0 Trigger mask
  • 0xC1 Trigger value

Supports one level of simple triggers. Edge triggered. Low to high, or high to low.