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1. Start MPLAB IDE MPLAB IDE icon.png

2. Menu: Configure->Select Device... select PIC32MX250F128B

3. Connect the programming adapter to the PICkit 3 and the PICkit 3 to the computer Logic pirate pickit3.jpg

4. Menu: Programmer->Select Programmer->PICkit 3

5. Menu: Programmer->Settings...->Power select Power target circuit from PICkit 3

6. Menu: File->Import... select logic_pirate_combined_2013-06-25.hex from the downloaded Logic_Pirate_Manufacturing_Resources.zip

7. Insert the programming adapter pins into the Logic Pirate ICSP holes Logic pirate programming adapter.jpg (click image to enlarge)

8. Click the Program button MPLAB IDE program icon.png

9. The LED must start shining after successful programming

Repeat steps 7. and 8. to program more boards.

Test Procedure

1. Connect the Logic Pirate to a USB port.

  • The LED on the board starts shining
  • The Windows device manager shows a new COM port under Ports (COM & LPT)

Logic sniffer device manager.png

2. Connect the test connector

  • The test connector simply connects the 1 kHz signal from the TEST pin to all input channels.

Logic pirate test connector.jpg

3. Start the OLS host program

  • Java must be installed if it is not already present on the computer.
  • Extract the file ols- and double-click run.bat
  • Click the button labeled as (1) in the image below
  • Select the COM port corresponding to the Logic Pirate (2)
  • Select Logic Pirate (40 MHz) (3)
  • (The settings in the Acquisition and Triggers tab remain at their default setting: Sampling Rate: 40,000MHz; Recording Size: 256,00kB; Trigger checkbox not checked)
  • Click Capture (4)

Logic sniffer test settings.png

  • Click the Zoom to best fit button (5)
  • All channels must show six or seven negative pulses

Logic sniffer test result.png

4. Mass testing

  • When testing more devices, simply connect the new board to the USB cable, connect the test connector, and click the Repeat capture button (6).