Leon: Computer controlled power/current supply, multimeter

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Leon: Computer controlled power/current supply, multimeter
Codename Leon
Status Design in progress
Development development forum
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  • 0-12V output
  • 0-1.5A output
  • Current sink/dummy load
  • X channels ADC
  • Computer controlled
  • 12V+ DC supply


  • MC34063EC from ST Microelectronics. Buck topology configuration. Package not yet chosen (DIP or SO-8 package).
  • AD8293G80/160 from Analog Devices. Fixed gain of 80 or 160, factory calibrated. 1.88$ @ Digikey.
  • DG508from Vishay. 8 analog inputs up to 44 V.
  • PIC24H series microcontroller

Current measurement options considered

Concept drawings


Dia sketch program used for diagrams

Older designs

Smps-3.png Smps-2.png Smps.png

Power supply schematics


Constant load schematics


Design resources

App notes

Chip notes

ADCs by PIC family:
24FJ family has 10+ 10bit @ 500ksps
24H has 10+ 12bit @ 500ksps
30F 12bit @200ksps, 10bit@1000ksps (1Msps)
33F 12bit @ 500ksps, 10bit @ 1Msps (some with DAC, some with 1-2 16bit ADCs @ 100ksps)