How to do rounded corners

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Tired of seeing sharp edges on your designs? Would like to add smooth corners on your board. They are many different ways to do this in Eagle.


Arc is not the only tool to do curves, They are three more methods to do instant bends on traces or lines.

What are the steps

Arc command Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-arc-ico.png

If you want it the hard way try doing it using Arc command. In Eagle manual an Arc is made by defining 3 points.


1. Starting point 2. Diameter 3. End point

Now let us apply that to round a corner of our board, for example we want to make a corner with a radius of 4 units.


1 .Lets define a starting point that is 4 units away from the corner then click 2.Move down 8 units for its diameter and click again 3. Right click to pick sides, click on the other side that is 90 degrees to end.


After making the Arc delete the remaining corner lines, whew

Too much mouse clicks? There are easy ways, continue

Using Wire curve properties

For existing diagonal wire bends we can transform it into an Arc


1. Click info Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-info-ico.png and click on the diagonal wire 2. Modify the wire by changing its curve property, enter an angle. 3. Click “OK”, the wire is now curved

Note: you can enter a negative angle “-90” to curve in the opposite direction.

Using Miter Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-miter-ico.png

Apply Miter on an existing wire corner


1. Click Miter Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-miter-ico.png , set your Diameter not Radius for the curve 2. Click on the edge you want to apply Miter

As you can see a radius of 4 units is made contrary to what we entered which is 8, you can check it by counting the grids. (a bug maybe?)

Using Wire Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-wire-ico.png

This is the easiest one and has already a Miter for the bending built in, use this when you define dimension around your board.


1. Click Wire Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-wire-ico.png and Select a wirebend Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-bend6.png or Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-bend7.png


2. Draw a line, when you move across bend will automatically apply.

Note: Miter value is only applied to the bend Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-bend1.png and Eagle-wiki-rounded-corners-bend5.png styles.


Rounded corners are useful not only for board edges but for slots and even weird traces paths too, it adds creativity and style to your board. Some board manufacturer allow these but when in doubt ask first if they are supported..