Global Geek Tour of Shenzhen 2012 schedule

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Saturday 17 November

  • Aplui Market visit
  • Ferry to Causeway bay
  • Doubledecker tram ride to Yoshinoia for lunch
  • Mid-level escalators, stop for tacos and bucket of beer

Sunday 18 November

  • Arrive Shenzhen
  • Free, exploration
  • PM: Dongmen eating street

Monday 19 November

  • Meet with Seeed early AM
  • Markets by 11AM for tour and mapping
  • Place orders for PCBs, stencils, custom stuff (buttons, cables, ?)

Tuesday 20 November

  • Market Tour
  • Find probe clips

Wednesday 21 November

  • Visit to a Hakko 907 soldering iron handle factory in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan, China (~70Km (45 miles) from Shenzhen)
    • FEITA Electronics International Limited, New Times Square Yonghao Ge9, South Avenue, Zhangmutou town,Dongguan City 523617, China
  • PM: in the markets or attraction visit

Thursday 22 November

  • Markets
  • PM: local tourist attraction (Happy Valley, Window of World)

Friday 23 November

  • Seeed's PCB source factory visit, early in the morning.
  • Collect final market purchases

Saturday 24 November

  • Get Dangerous Prototypes art made at the Da Fen Artist Village
  • PM: local tourist attraction (Happy Valley, Window of World)

Sunday 25 November

  • Leave Shenzhen early