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In order for PCB fabricator houses to make your PCB they need these gerber files. The files are the individual layers that consist your PCB.


Gerbers files are produced by CAM processor, PCB fab usually provides this file which will be loaded to the CAM processor. The output files (gerbers) are then submitted to the PCB fab houses in order for your PCB to be processed.

a CAM file

.cam files are instructions on the CAM processor on which layer to include and drill coordinates to be plotted, the file also instructs the naming of the output files or gerbers that the fab houses machines accepts.

Creating Gerbers


After you’re done routing and DRC checking your board, Run CAM processor by accessing “File>CAM Processor” or just clicking the CAM icon Eagle-wiki-creating-gerbers-cam-ico.png to launch the CAM Processor.


CAM Processor window



In the CAM Processor window load the cam file by File>Open>Job, browse to the file that the PCB manufacturer provide.


And then proceed with the processing by clicking Process Job

Our CAM file sources:



Select the files having these extensions: GBL, GBO,GBS, GTL,GTO,GTS and TXT. Package them in .zip and submit them to your board house.


Some PCB manufacturer have different requirements on gerber naming ,some ask for additional file like separate drill files for plated holes(PTH, regular pads) and non-plated holes(NPTH, like drill holes) be sure to include them.

For solder stencils, a file named GTP and GBP or top and bottom paste layer that also gets processed depending on the cam file used are required..