Gaspard : PC-Case Modding tool development

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Gaspard : PC-Case Modding tool development
Codename Gaspard
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Development [ development forum]
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Bit-tech forum ideas thread

  • Will use a large PIC, probably 16bit, possibly dsPIC33 for higher pwm frequencies, and better analog.
  • Hardware
    • USB mini jack along with a broken out pinheader, for internal connection to the motherboard
    • the ability to drive 6 PWM fans, 4 of which should be analog driven trough a simple buck converter(design below) for 3pin Fans versions
    • all six should have a 500mA capacity
    • two additional PWM 4pin drivers for pumps,(2A) shouldn't be an issue, cause our board will only provide the PWM, and RPM sensing, the computer PS will power them.
    • 6 analog inputs (Temp sensors)
    • 8 digital I/O (5v tolerant)
    • 5pin universal interface like Bus Pirate
    • possibly incorporate a cap-sense button support
    • Universal LCD connector with as many pins as possible to support as many LCDs
      • contrast and backlight adjustment)
  • Software
    • Possibly make it cross platform(windows/linux)
    • Setup utility
      • configuring of all the outputs inputs and such. something like a picture of the device with pull down menus next to the pins.
    • Control/monitoring Wiglet where simple options could be modified, like Fan temp profiles, what to display on the lcd...
      • Widget should show all relevant sensor data along with Computer PS voltages, and overall consumption of the board, possibly individual consumption
    • Part of the LCD smartie source code and the LCD backpack source could be used, cince lcd smartie already taps stats/emails..and has button support.
  • Buck converter Idea

intelligent Fan controller

    • only using a higher frequency (~0.5-1Mhz) for the pwm, to use cheaper/smaller caps/inductors, A shotky would have to be added
    • perhaps use Seeed's led driver IC 500mA one, that is used in the Rainbowdino, it could be cheaper then the one used by geoff.

Latest Sketch


Early Sketch

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Latest Schematic


Early Schematic

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Latest PCB


Early PCB

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Fan Module Schematic


Fan Module PCB




  • Hardware: CC-BY-SA
  • Firmware: CC-BY-SA
  • Bootloader: GPL V3.0
  • Software: CC-0