FreeRTOS on the web platform

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There are currently two FreeRTOS ports for the web platform.

Matt's port

Eric's port

Bug list:

  • ethernet segment size was too restrictive
  • stack sends the DHCP_REQUEST and DHCP_ACK packets twice
  • Because the ARP table is not updated by uip_arp_ipin() using data found in the Ethernet headers of TCP packets (eg. SYN), the socket opening time is lengthened by the time to do an ARP broadcast/table update via. ARP packets in uip_arp_arpin() then for the client to resend the initial packet.
  • 404 errors have the TCP connection terminated with a RST rather than FIN, which some browsers show as a TCP connection error
  • DHCP renewal
  • Cannot read from on-board flash yet
  • FAT files-system is restrictive
  • no way to set the real-time clock (RTC) - what's the simplest NTP server we could get away with?