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This simple utility converts the exported list (Bill of Materials) from Eagle Layout Editor into HTML table or WIKI table format.

How to Use

Eagleexport.jpg Eaglepartlist.jpg

Export the Bill of Materials from within Eagle Layout Editor:

  • File->export->parlist
  • Save the file as text (bom.txt)
  • Run the utility to generate the tables


e2t.exe --i inputfile  --html htmloutfile.html --wiki wikioutfile.wiki

Commands and options:

  • --i inputfile is the exported text file from the Eagle Layout Editor
  • --html htmloutfile.html is the output file if a html file is needed
  • --wiki wikioutfile.wiki for a wiki compatible markup
e2t.exe --i bom.txt  --html bom.html --wiki bom.wiki

The utility can create both files (HTML, Wiki) at once. Example usage.

Sample Output

Bomtxt.jpg Htmlwiki.jpg


Download the source and executable here

Compiling the source

This utility was created using Code::Blocks 10.05 with default settings.