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As we picked up some experience with Eagle, we figured out that clicking icons and typing in commands slows down productivity. Eagle's key-binding features make it faster to do common tasks by pressing a few keys, but for a real kick they can also run scripts. We use a hot-key to run our project export script that builds preview images and BOMs in excel, html, and wiki formats.

This is a short tutorial about our journey into creating key-bindings for common commands. This is how to create shortcuts in Cadsoft Eagle.

Where to access

Eagle shortcuts assign menu.png

To add custom key-bindings, or shortcuts, go into the 'Options' tab and click on 'Assign'.

Available commands

Eagle has a few default keys already assigned like 'zoom', 'move', 'grid on-off', etc... You could always change them to your liking.

Assigning a shortcut

Eagle shortcuts key assignment.png

To assign a key to a command, go to the 'Assign Menu' and click 'New'. The key assignment window will pop up.

Select the hot-key combination from the drop-down list, then type in the command to be executed.

Other Commands

Eagle shortcuts editor commands.png

A list of Commands can be found in Eagle's Help file (Help>General) under 'Editor Commands'.

Be aware that the schematic and PCB editor don't share the same hotkeys.
Both have to be individually set-up.

Running scripts

Eagle shortcuts assign window.png

Another good thing about Eagle key-bindings is that you can run scripts directly from a key. Here’s an example of our PCB editor custom shortcut keys.

script [complete eagle script path]

The syntax for running a script is shown above.

We've put some scripts we find useful in SVN here.


Assigning custom shortcut keys is easy, but the ability to run scripts is a big bonus..