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Project Tracking Steps:


PCB design: From idea to drafting the first PCB

  1. Block diagram. Create and scan a block diagram
  2. Create new project wiki. Add block diagram
  3. Engineer diagram into schematic. Post the schematic in the forum and SVN
  4. Add the image and partlist on the wiki
  5. Schematic review
  6. PCB routing
  7. PCB review
  8. Finalize PCB. Generate gerbers, upload to forum PCB thread.
  9. PCB to board house. Add final board and gerbers to SVN

Stock parts

  1. Finalize partlist. Check component values. Update with standard stock values
  2. Create bill of materials. Export the final BOM. Add to wiki page
  3. Order parts. Check stock and order parts as needed

PCB intake

  1. Scan PCB
  2. Add free PCBs to the PCB drawer. Scan the board, add initial 5 boards to the PCB drawer
  3. Put PCB image on development wiki

Prototype build: Build the prototype

  1. Prototype! Build the first prototype
  2. Power up test

Firmware and Software: Develop firmware and software for this project

  1. Firmware development
  2. Software development
  3. Initial release package. Add needed files to the SVN. Create a release package and upload it to Google Code. Link the release package on the project wiki

Get quote: Get a project quote from Seeed Studio

  1. Export final partlist. Copy to Seeed Studio spreadsheet. Upload to SVN
  2. Verify final partlist. Check parts, add manufacturer links as needed
  3. Update schematic and board with final partlist values. Export BOM and update wiki page.
  4. Quote package. Zip final partlist, gerbers, and eagle files. Mail to Seeed Studio for a quote
  5. Receive quote from Seeed. Add to quote spreadsheet in Google Docs.

New product integration: Prepare for the first manufacturing run

  1. Manufacturing programming how-to. Any instructions needed to program the hardware at the factory. Document it on the wiki
  2. Write a test plan. Create software/firmware to test the hardware. Document it on the wiki
  3. Copy and images. Write the sales page and take product photos.
  4. NPI package. Add gerbers, partlist, test plan, firmware, software to folders in SVN. Zip and send to Seeed Studio
  5. Build second prototype. Package and UPS to Seeed Studio

Documentation: Build the project documentation wiki

  1. Create documentation. Copy the Landing Page and Design Overview templates and use them to make new wiki pages for this project. On the new landing page link to the development wiki
  2. Photograph final PCB. In the studio.
  3. Hardware overview. Write the hardware overview text and add illustrations
  4. Finalize documentation. Remove parts of the template not needed. Add usage and bootloader examples. Add datasheet and other links
  5. Start a forum. Add small project image in phpBB admin

Project launch: its finally time

  1. Update wiki with link to Seeed project page.
  2. Project summary post. A condensed overview post for the blog.
  3. Submit to blogs. Do PR to get links for the project.