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Become a distributor

We'd be thrilled if you sell our stuff in your shop, or use it in your hacker space. Here's a general overview of our process. It's a little funky because Seeed Studio handles our order fulfillment.

Our distributors to date:

  • Adafruit (USA: Bus Pirate)
  • Hacker Warehouse (USA, Bus Pirate)
  • Watterott electronic (Germany: Bus Pirate, Logic Sniffer)
  • SK Pang (UK: Logic Sniffer)
  • EXP Tech (Germany: Bus Pirate, Open Workbench Logic Sniffer, Bus Blaster, XC2C64A CPLD, FT2232H, ATX breakout board bench power supply)
  • EpicTinker.Com (USA: Bus Pirate, Bus Blaster, Logic Shrimp, USBIR Toy)
  • Evola (France: Web platform)
  • Limetrace (Republic of Ireland): Bus Pirate v3.6, ATX breakout board power supply
  • Anibit (USA): Bus Pirate v3.6, USB IR Toy

Hacker spaces get distributor pricing too!


  • A link to your store on the product page
  • Warm fuzzy feeling of supporting open source hardware
  • Use our artwork and branding

Wholesale price warning

We do small batches of projects, between 20 and 500, so our markup isn't very high. We do our best to offer a 20-30% discount to wholesalers, but sometimes our markup is only 5-10% on small production runs.

  • If you have a large order we can produce an extra large batch and get a bigger discount for you
  • Seeed sells Bus Pirate cables and cases, and other accessories. We're not involved with these, but we can include them in your wholesale order

Order process

  1. Drop us a line for the current wholesale price list
  2. Setup your order with us
  3. Seeed ships your order from China


Payment is made directly to Dangerous Prototype's business side, Where Labs, LLC.

  • Paypal works great for small orders
  • Around $1000 a bank transfer is usually cheaper


Seeed's standard shipping methods are available. Please note: the actual cost of all shipping methods is added to wholesale orders.

  • UPS, FEDEX, DHL, and airmail available at cost
  • We also can use your FEDEX, UPS, or DHL shipping account
  • Adafruit reports that Seeed's UPS charge is around 50% less than using their own shipping account
Free shipping is no longer available
Seeed now charges us the actual cost of shipping for wholesale orders

Declared value

  • Seeed can declare the wholesale cost or retail cost of the package, depending on your local import requirements.
  • Seeed can ship from Hong Kong free trade area if your country has this type of agreement.

Insured value

  • Insured values greater than $600 incur an additional Chinese export fee of $40-$80.