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1x06 0.1"/2.54mm pitch PTH Header

device: CON_HEADER_1X06


Mfr no: 22-28-8060

Eagle-parts-CON HEADER 1X06 sym.png Eagle-parts-M1X6 MALE RIGHT ANGLED footprint.png


Mfr no: 961106-5500

Eagle-parts-CON HEADER 1X06 sym.png Eagle-parts-M1X6 MALE RIGHT ANGLED SMD footprint.png

1x08 0.1"/2.54mm pitch SMD Header

device: CON_HEADER_1X08

variant: M1X8_SMD

Mfr no: NPTC081KFXC-RC

Eagle-parts-CON HEADER 1X08 sym.png Eagle-parts-M1X8 SMD footprint.png

2x03 0.1" / 2.54 mm pitch Header

device: CON_HEADER_2X08

variant: M2X3

Eagle-parts-CON HEADER 2X03 sym.png Eagle-parts-M2X3 footprint.png

variant: M2X3_SMD

Mfr no: 5-146134-2

Eagle-parts-CON HEADER 2X03 sym.png Eagle-parts-M2X3 SMD footprint.png

2x08 0.1" / 2.54 mm pitch Header

device: CON_HEADER_2X08

Eagle-parts-HEADER 2X08 sym.png Eagle-parts-M2X8 footprint.png

2x07 0.1" pitch shrouded pin header

device: CON_HEADER_2x07

Eagle-parts-CON HEADER 2X07 sym.png Eagle-parts-pinheader.png

2x10 0.1" / 2.54 mm pitch Shrouded Header

device: CON_HEADER_2X10 (Shrouded variant)

Eagle-parts-HEADER 2X10 sym.png Eagle-parts-PINSHRD PTH 2x10 footprint.png

5.0 mm pitch 2 poles wire to board terminal block


Mfr no: 1776244-2

Eagle-parts-HEADER 1X2 sym.png Eagle-parts-TERMINAL BLOCK 2P 5 footprint.png

5.0 mm pitch 3 poles wire to board terminal block


Mfr no: 1776244-3

Eagle-parts-HEADER 1X3 sym.png Eagle-parts-TERMINAL BLOCK 3P 5 footprint.png


device: CON-USB-F-2PB

Mfr no. AU-Y1006-2-R

Eagle-parts-CONN USB 4P sym.png Eagle-parts-CONN USB A F footprint.png

2.1mm DC power connector, SMD and PTH

device: CON_DC_M


Mfr no: PJ-002AH-SMT


Mfr no: 163-179PH-EX

Eagle-parts-DC JACK sym.png Eagle-parts-DC BARREL JACK SMD 2MM footprint.png Eagle-parts-DC BARREL JACK PTH 2MM 2 footprint.png Eagle-parts-DC BARREL JACK PTH 2MM footprint.png

Note: Ask first your board manufacturer before processing the PTH version with milled hole pads if it is allowed. See Crude way of making plated slots

Micro SD socket, fold type


Eagle-parts-CON MICROSD sym.png Eagle-parts-CON MICROSD HINGED footprint.png

Integrated Circuits

FT230X in SSOP-16 footprint

device: IC_FT230X

Eagle-parts-FT230X.png Eagle-parts-ft230x footprint.png

KSZ8851SNL in QFN-32 5x5 footprint

device: IC_KSZ8851SNL

Eagle-parts-KSZ8851SNL sym.png Eagle-parts-QFN32 5x5 footprint.png

TPS6120x in QFN-10 footprint

device: IC_TPS6120X

Eagle-parts-TPS6120X sym.png Eagle-parts-QFN10 footprint.png

74AC573 in SOIC-20

device: IC_74AC573

Mfr No. SN74AC573NSR

Eagle-parts-IC 74AC573 sym.png Eagle-parts-SOIC-20 footprint.png

FT311D in LQFP-32

device: IC_FT311D

Mfr no: FT311D-32L1C

Eagle-parts-IC FT311D sym.png Eagle-parts-LQFP-32 footprint.png

23LC1024 in SOIC-8

device: IC_MEM_23LC1024

Mfr no: 23LC1024

Eagle-parts-IC MEM 23LC1024 sym.png Eagle-parts-SOIC-8 footprint.png

74141 in DIL-16

device: IC_74141

Mfr no: NTE74141

Eagle-parts-IC 74141 sym.png Eagle-parts-DIL16 footprint.png

INA138 High Side Current Shunt Monitor

device: IC_INA138

Mfr no: INA138NA/3K

Eagle-parts-IC INA138 sym.png Eagle-parts-SOT-23-5 footprint.png

MIC2027 Quad USB Power Distribution Switch, SOIC-16 and SOIC-16W

device: IC_MIC2027

Mfr no: MIC2027-2YM

Eagle-parts-MIC2027 sym.png Eagle-parts-SOIC-16 footprint.png Eagle-parts-SOIC-16W footprint.png

TD62783 8Ch high voltage source driver

device: IC_TD62783

Mfr no: TD62783AFG

Eagle-parts-IC TD62783 sym.png Eagle-parts-SO-18L footprint.png

PIC24F16KA102 in SOIC-28W and SSOP-28 package

device: IC_UC_PIC24F16KA102

Mfr no: PIC24F16KA102

Eagle-parts-PIC24F16KA102 sym.png Eagle-parts-SOIC-28W footprint.png Eagle-parts-SSOP-28 footprint.png

0.1"/2.54mm pitch DIL-28 PTH to SMD socket

device: IC_DIL28

variant: DIL28_SMD

Mfr no: SHD-028-3

Eagle-parts-IC DIL28 sym.png Eagle-parts-DIL28-SMD footprint.png

8-Bit bidirectional voltage level translator in TSSOP-20

device: IC_TXB0108

variant: TSSOP-20

Mfr no: TXB0108PWR

Eagle-parts-IC TXB0108 sym.png Eagle-parts-TSSOP-20 footprint.png

PIC16F1823 in DIL-14, QFN-16 and SOIC-14

device: IC_UC_PIC16F1823

Eagle-parts-IC UC PIC16F1823 sym.png Eagle-parts-DIL14 footprint.png

Eagle-parts-QFN16 4X4 footprint.png Eagle-parts-SOIC-14 footprint.png

Input and Switches


device: TRIMMER

variant: 3306F, PTH

Eagle-parts-TRIMMER sym.png Eagle-parts-trimmer.png

variant: 3314G, SMD

Mfr no. 3314G

Eagle-parts-TRIMMER sym.png Eagle-parts-TRIMMER 3314G footprint.png

3x6 mm 2 pins tactile switch

device: SW_TACT_2P

Eagle-parts-SW 2P sym.png Eagle-parts-SW TACT 3x6 footprint.png

standard 4 pins right angled tactile switch

device: SW_TACT_4P_B

Mfr no. B3F-3100

Eagle-parts-SW TACT 4P B sym.png Eagle-parts-SW TACT STANDARD RIGHT ANGLE footprint.png

Incremental encoder with switch PTH

device: ENCODER_SW1


Eagle-parts-ENCODER SW1 sym.png Eagle-parts-IncrementalEncoder.png

4 way + 1 Button Joystick SMD

device: JOYSTICK_SF303GJ26-3

Mfr no: SF303GJ26-3

Eagle-parts-JOYSTICK SF303GJ26-3 sym.png Eagle-parts-JOYSTICK SF303GJ26-3 footprint.png

1x2 SMD Solder Jumper


Eagle-parts-JUMP SOLDER 1X2 sym.png Eagle-parts-JUMPER SOLDER 1X2 footprint.png

Output and display devices

1.8" TFT LCD with SPI interface

device: DISP_TFT18

Eagle-parts-DISP TFT18 sym.png Eagle-parts-TFT18 footprint.png

IN-12 Nixie Tube Display

device: DISP_IN12A

Eagle-parts-DISP IN-12 sym.png Eagle-parts-DISP IN-12 SOCKET footprint.png

IN-12 Socket PCB cut-out


Eagle-parts-DISP IN-12 SOCKET CUTOUT footprint.png

Eagle-parts-DISP IN-12 SOCKET dimensions.png

IN-12 Socket Dimension

IV-22 VFD Tube Display

device: DISP_VFD_IV-22

Eagle-parts-DISP VFD IV-22 sym.png Eagle-parts-DISP IN-12 SOCKET footprint.png

VFD 7-Segment Display Nixie like

device: DISP_D8035E

Mfr no: LD8035E

Eagle-parts-DISP D8035E sym.png Eagle-parts-DISP D8035E footprint.png


Standard PCB: Credit Card size 85.60 × 53.98 mm

device: PCB_DP_RECTANGLE under DP8654

Eagle-parts-PCB STANDARD sym.png Eagle-parts-DP8654 V1 footprint.png