Dangerous Prototypes Cadsoft Eagle style guide and best practices

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Guidelines we made for designing PCBs.


When designing the PCB

  • Put all components that could interact with the casing on 0.5mm grid, e.g. USB connector, headers, LEDs, sensors, switches.
  • It is wise to set the grid to mm first when placing the above components and later set back to mil for the parts that doesn't need to "interact" on the enclosure. e.g. ICs and passive components
  • Mind the 1.7mm keepout for the components on the board edges
  • Mounting holes have a copper and component keepout of 6mm diameter so keep an eye on this as well.

Schematic components

Common sizes and width:

  • Main border size: 20mil, if you want to group each circuit.
  • Partition inside the main boarder: 6mil
  • Text size: 70mil part name and value
  • Text ratio: 8% part name and value
  • Label text size: 100mil for labels, this will be the name of that group/bordered circuit

Board components

Common sizes and width:

  • Signal: 12mil
  • Power: 16, 24mil
  • Via Signal: drill 20mil
  • Via Power: drill 35mil

Parts creation - Symbols

  • Name text size: 70mil
  • Name text ratio: 8%
  • Name text size: 70mil
  • Name text ratio: 8%

Parts creation - Package

  • Name text size: 50mil, this is an initial size, we can smash and resize this one when we want to during board design process.
  • Name text ratio: 10%
  • Value: 50mil (Do we still need a value text on the footprint? If not we can disregard this field.
  • Art Lines width: 6mil

Eagle Tips

These are pretty handy when you want to be precise on the location of your components

Command line definitions:

  • > right mouse button click
  • A Alt key
  • C Ctrl key
  • P Polar coordinates (relative to the mark, x = radius, y = angle in degrees, counterclockwise)
  • R Relative coordinates (relative to the mark)
  • S Shift key
move (CR> 1 2)

This will move and pick a grouped components and traces to your specified marked coordinate