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We've got so much stuff going on it's a full time job just to track and manage it. This is our custom project management software.


These are the key design concepts.


Each project we do has several steps. Some steps can be done any time, but most depend on other things being completed first. Dangerous Project Management respects dependency. Each team member is presented with the things they can actually do right now.

Dependency is especially important for teams. In most of our projects I only need to do C after someone else does A and B first. Most tracking software will nag you now anyways.

Non-time based

Our projects flow from one task to the next when things get done. While we have some immediate deadlines like "send PCBs on Friday", most long term deadlines are fuzzy. Dangerous Project Management doesn't force date and time for every step, and doesn't nag you about things you can't predict.

You are certainly welcome to set start/stop dates for any task, and of course it logs time spent too. It's just not required.

Minimal clicks

A lot of the software we tried needed a ton of setup and a bunch of clicks for every step. We kept everything on a single page wherever possible. Most important actions (assignments, mark complete) can be done in bulk from the project view.

Easy copying

Since we do the same basic process every time, we needed a good template copy system.

  1. Copy a default setup, with all assignments and dependencies
  2. The default template doesn't show up in your todo list