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Contributing code

Anyone is welcome to contribute code! There's a couple ways, depending on how involved you want to get.

  1. Post the source or diff in the project forum
  2. Get SVN access and commit code

SVN access

We're pretty lax about giving SVN access. It probably makes more sense to be on git, but Google's SVN web interface is so sweet.

Post your access request in the forum and a taste of the code you want to commit.

You'll need to register an email address with Google Code. This doesn't have to be a gmail account, and gmail accounts are not automatically registered for Google Code.

Please always enter a log message when you commit code.

Read our Google SVN tutorial.


None. We're just having fun.

Please leave a log message on SVN commits.


Code committed to CC-BY-SA projects is consider to be released in compliance with the original project license (CC-BY-SA).

We'll probably ask for some release before including your code in CC-0 projects.