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  1. Connect a USB cable for power
  2. Program the complete firmware image (-DUMP.HEX) with a programmer

Test procedure

This procedure tests the PIC, backlight control, backlight booster circuit, and LCD (connection)

E:\>imageviewer -p com28 -T -a

BMP image sender for Nokia LCD Backpack V.0.3
Wiki Docs:

Test Pattern Command Send T
Hit any key to end test
Full Screen Test Ends:  Success!
ADC read command  Send: a
Voltage Reading :  01 ffffff8a= 6.96 **PASS**
Press any key to continue . . .
  1. Plug in the USB cable
  2. Verify: backlight should be on, and the LCD should turn white
  3. Run the imageview app in test mode, change COM10 to match your system: imageviewer.exe -p com10 -T -a
  4. Verify: colors flash on the LCD
  5. Verify: self-test will will report **PASS** for the booster voltage