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Our protoboards come in several sizes to fit chips with different pin width and spacing (pitch). Here's how you can find the pitch of your chip and get the right protoboard:

  1. Find the datasheet for your chip
  2. Look for a 'package info' or 'recommended landing pattern' section. This section will have a diagram of the chip and a list of measurements
  3. Look for the pitch measurement, this is the distance between the center of two pins. This is often labeled 'e' or 'E', as in our examples
  4. Pitch may be given in mm, mils, or inches. See the table below
pitch measurements
mm inches mils
0.40 0.01575 15.75
0.50 0.01968 19.68
0.65 0.02559 25.59
0.80 0.03150 31.50

Example 1


Page 459 PIC18F97J60 datasheet, TQFP 100 package with 0.50mm pitch.