Bus Pirate v4 LCD adapter hardware design

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Control HD44780, or compatible LCD with this add-on board for the Bus Pirate v4. This breakout board lets you drive, and test HD44780, and compatible LCD with your Bus Pirate v4. Very low part count, and ease of use are some of the features of this board:

Completely passive, no active parts Both 3.3v, and 5v LCDs supported Contrast adjustment via a trimmer Brightness adjustment via a trimmer Both orientations of the brightness pins are supported

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Since the new version 4 of the Bus Pirate we now have enough pins to drive HD44780, and compatible LCD directly. This board is makes connection the Bus Pirate to LCDs even simpler. It has contrast, and brightness adjustment via trimmers, and supports both 3.3v, and 5v LCDs, also supported are both orientation of the brightness LEDs.


BPv4 LCD SCH.jpg

Click for a full size schematic image. Schematic and PCB were designed with the freeware version of Cadsoft Eagle, download the latest project files from our Google Code project page.

Power supply selection

BPv4 LCD PS sel.jpg

A simple jumper (VCC) is used to select between 3.3v(top position) and 5v(bottom position) power supply to the LCD.

Brightness pin orientation

BPv4 LCD B sel.jpg

Pins 15 and 16 are connected to the brightens LED. through a parallel set of jumpers (P16,P15) you can change the orientation of the power(top position) and GND(bottom position) lines feeding the LED.

Brightness and contrast adjustment

BPv4 LCD BC adj.jpg Brightness and contrast are adjustable through trimmer resistors. 50K for the contrast, and a 10 Ohm for the brightness.

HD44780 header

BPv4 LCD HD44780 H.jpg

Included on the board is the standard 16pin header for HD44780, and compatible LCDs.

Bus Pirate v4 IO header

Bpv4 LCD BPv4 H.jpg

For simpele conectivity, the same 12pin IO header as featured on the Bus Pirate v4 is located on the board. All it takes to connect the two boards is a 12pin flat cable.


BPv4 LCD PCB.jpg

We used the freeware version of Cadsoft Eagle to make the schematic and PCB. Download the latest designs and firmware from the project Google Code page.

  • PCB and placement notes
  • soldering advise


BPv4 LCD Partlist.png

Click for a full size placement image.

heading heading
cell cell
cell cell

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