Bus Pirate LCD adapter v2 (Development)

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This design is now complete. See the final how-to here.

  • HD44780 LCD adapter v2 for the Bus Pirate.
  • Pre-production (sourcing)




  • Bus Pirate v3 or v2go
  • Firmware v5.4+


Prototype verification procedure

Bplcdv2-connect1.jpg Bplcdv2-connect2.jpg

  1. Use a Bus Pirate with firmware v5.4 or later
  2. Connect the LCD adapter to the Bus Pirate with the 2x5 cable (picture 1)
  3. Connect a HD44780 LCD to the LCD header (picture 2)
  4. Open a serial terminal to the Bus Pirate
  5. type this syntax into the Bus Pirate to activate the LCD mode and display text on the LCD:
    1. m 9 {enter}
    2. W {enter}
    3. (2) {enter}
    4. 2 {enter}
    5. (6) 80 {enter}
  6. Adjust the contrast with R1 if needed.
  7. Numbers (0-9) should display on the LCD (picture 2)
  8. LED1 should now be ON

Example Bus Pirate output:

HiZ> i
Bus Pirate v3a
Firmware v5.7 (r478) Bootloader v4.4
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5)
HiZ> m 9
This mode requires an adapter
Power supplies ON
LCD> (2)
Display lines:
1. 1
2. Multiple

(2)> 2

LCD> (6) 80

Production testing procedure

Latest source and executable.

Setup a Bus Pirate for testing

  1. Use Bus Pirate with firmware v5.x
  2. Connect the Bus Pirate to USB
  3. Run lcdtest.exe -d COMx where COMx is the Bus Pirate serial port.

Test procedure

  1. Connect the LCD adapter the the Bus Pirate
  2. Press space to run the test
  3. Verify LED1 on the adapter is blinking (other outputs will also blink)
  4. Press space to reset the test
  5. Remove the LCD adapter
  6. Repeat with #1

Possible no LED solutions

  • Check LED1, R2 (solder, failed)
  • Check IC1 (solder, failed)
  • Check IO connector (solder)